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  1. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    Hiya ! Any update ?
  2. Sourcing a toroid transformer for psu

    Here is a first draft of what I have in mind.
  3. first draft

  4. Sourcing a toroid transformer for psu

    I was thinking of 12(V)*2(taps)*2(A) = 50 VA (as of the original NorthenLightFX proposal) in order to get 2(taps)*(2*+5VDC, 2*+9VDC) from the secondaries. I am not planning on using every output at once. Just to have mb6582 on one tap and 2*SEQ v4 on the other. The idea is to design the psu to be reusable. Am I on the right track or did I miss it completly ? :)
  5. Sourcing a toroid transformer for psu

    Thanks four your reply, I had a double winding (see pic (no those are not butts ...)) transformer in mind when writing the previous post. I plan to use a R-core transformer. So it would have 2 bridge rectifiers.
  6. Sourcing a toroid transformer for psu

    Hi, I am also looking for a replacement for the C64 PSU. I have been enjoying my brand new mb6582 for a month and then the PSU died in a white smoke final breath... I would not normally look into building my own as I do not know anything about PSU design but I can't find a linear +9/+5V that would suit. I am now considering building NorthenLightFX PSU for a replacement. I am wondering if I can jump to building straightaway or if I should get math & electrical knowledge before I start. Any thought ? Also is it possible to customize the design just by deleting and copying/pasting power lines behind the bridge rectifier ? In order to get 2 x 9V and 2 x 5V from the secondaries. That would make a single PSU with two blocks of 2x5V, 2x9V outputs, each block supplying 2A. This seems too easy, so I guess the answer is no. :)
  7. MB-6582 Partial Success with Testtone

    No sowwy. I reuploaded boot loader from scratch then mios & app and still no sound and corrupted behaviors.
  8. MB-6582 Partial Success with Testtone

    I do not know if this could be related but I found myself in the same situation this week end. I fried a PIC by accidentally touching pin 28 (SID socket) while bridging pin 8 & 27 to perfrom the test tone. Pin 28 is 9/12V. As a result I got no more sound on one channel and half volume on the other one. Also I can still upload mios and apps to this PIC but it shows strange behaviors (mios locked in rebooting loop, messed up characters and the like...).
  9. Mios32 With Xcode 3

    Hello. In order to download/synchronize/upload (called checkout/update/commit) the source code you need a subversion client. Either a command line tool (from tigris I guess) or a GUI tool (Cannot point one to you as I am not a Mac user). Everybody has read access. To be able to commit you need write access. All you have to do is to direct your client to the svn URL and checkout the repository. mios svn URLs are: svn:// svn:// Hope it helps. Edit: I think this can help you
  10. LCDs arrived today. No taxes makes me really happy. Thanks fussy.
  11. MIDIbox SEQ V4

    Big hurray to all for the newborns.
  12. Hi julien, any progress on your project ?
  13. Yes and yes. Seq v4 manual has been updated recently:
  14. I think best thing to do here is again to wait. Wilba and Doug are still working on a desktop solution. Which should be rack-able thanks to additional rack ears. Final panel design may change once they are done. I'm certain something great will come out of this.