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  1. LC and Midibox link?

    Hey Steven_C If you look at the MIDI information send by a mackic controler or XT, you will see that the fader are send as Pitchbend on ch. 1 to 9, so each controler need a midi port at your pc and in the sequencer software. A MIDI merge will not work, sorry. Kent
  2. Layout Dual Mackie Clone

    Hey Doc. Nice Design. But as I know Cubase does not support more than 1. mackie controler (8ch), so if you will control 16 ch. you have to use the "Generic Remote", but you will lose some function and some thing will be harder to control. good luck Kent
  3. Bankstick chip question

    Hey Da5id gives the size as Kbit, MIOS as Kbyte. 256Kbit=32Kbyte ( 258 / 8 ) so no problem. ;) Kent
  4. panasonics encoders

    Hej Justin Thanks for getting to order in house (If I can say that in English) :D I will pay with paypal, just tell me when you need the money. To Dr Bunsen, Dr Nick and Sascha, as Justin write I am willing to get them all over to me, and repost then to you. Please send me a email with your address, so I can find out what it will cost to mail to you. If some of you can't pay with paypal it may be more easy to put it on my bankaccount and I can paypal it to Justin. Let me hear what you thing. See you all out here ;) Kent
  5. Beringher mx602a owners...

    Hey Xcen The mic. your are trying to use need some power to work. I think its about 3V, so you can't use the phantom power from the mixer (its 48V). Kent
  6. Using 1N4001 instead of B40C800?

    Hey Pulse Yes you can use 1N4001 instead of B40C800, but your picture is not right. The white band on them have to point from - to +. Like this: (as I can't put a picture I use text to draw a diode, like this   -|--|------|-,  the | in middle is the white band) AC  -|--|------|-    VSS (-)           |                                                   | --                                   -- |                                                   | |                                                   | |                                                   | --                                   -- |                                                   | --                                   -- |                                                   | -|--|------|-                 VDD(+)                   AC Hope this helps Kent
  7. FYI: MBSID CS panel ordered

    Hey Thorsten Nice looking panel. 8) Kent
  8. MIOS V1.3

    Hey Thorsten About the idea with (master)fader in 2. layer. I think it will be nice if the MIDI message for fader in 2. layer, are freely assign, ak. all fader send normal "mc" commands in 1. layer, in 2. layer there may be 1 fader for "mc" masterfader and 7 fader using MIDI control message. This way I (and other :)) can control the master fader and 7 master send fader with 2. layer. See you out here Kent
  9. Hey there First entry from Copenhagen, Denmark. Kent
  10. MIOS V1.3

    Hey Thorsten Thanks for using the ideas ;D Hope you have time to do other than making new code constant. See you. Kent
  11. Scavenging keyboard ports?

    Hey Xcen Short, yes Long, Old (AT) keyboards use the same 5pol. DIN 180c plug as MIDI so you can use them. However do not use cabel  or extention cabel from old keyboard, as the wireing are not the same. (MIDI use pin 2 as ground, keyboard pin 4.) See you Kent
  12. MIOS V1.3

    Hey Thorsten Nice work, speedy ;) ;D I am mounting my pcbboard for my LC clone and at the same time taking some picture, that I hope can be used for a "How to make a LC clone" BTW can a bankstik be used in the LC clone for selecting button, fader and led setup? And does 2. layer support settings for fader. (use 1 fader in 2. layer as master fader) See you out there. Kent
  13. Construction  problem

    Hey Henrik/Wise There is no need for a AIN module if its only 8 pot/faders. You just use the MIOS function "MIOS_AIN_UnMuxed". Kent
  14. Construction  problem

    Hey Domas You need: 1 x Core module 3 x DINx4 module (48 input for encoder(2 pr. encoder) +36 for buttons) (or 2 x DINx4 + 1 DINx3) 1 x DOUTx4 module (32 LED) That all If you want to use motorfader you need a MF module. Kent
  15. What soundcard are you using?

    Hey Xcen The best (for the price) RME card you can get is Hammerfall LE (Digi 9636) list price EUR 368,- but remember that its an "only digital card" and need a Analog/Digital converter (stereo A/D/A or ADAT). Alternative RME makes some A/D and D/A card to use with Hammerfall: AEB 4/I four 24 Bit analog Inputs for all RME cards EUR 139,- AEB 4/O eight 24 Bit analog Outputs for all RME cards EUR 159,- AEB 8/I eight 24 Bit analog Inputs for all RME cards EUR 189,- AEB 8/O eight 24 Bit analog Outputs for all RME cards EUR 199,- Check out the RME homepage BTW about using soundblaster card for audio: It is no good unles you use 48KHz samplerate. The card is intern lock to 48KHz, and if you try to use 44.1KHz your recording will get out off sync. The card will convert to and from 48KHz and use some time on it that the DAW software does not know. See you Kent