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  1. Mackie d8b motorfaders

    So they should work fine????  I am going to order them Monday.
  2. Mackie d8b motorfaders

    I'm thinking these motorfaders will work.  It looks like they run off 5v.  I think it will just be a matter of finding the pinout.  Any other thoughts??
  3. Mackie d8b motorfaders

    I have recieved the service manual for the d8b from Mackie.  I have nowhere to host it.  If someone wants to help out let me know.
  4. Mackie d8b motorfaders

    I am able to get some motorfaders from a mackie d8b console at a good price.  I would like to know if anyone knows if these will work with MBLC??
  5. Dout troubles

    Just connected up a Dout module.  When I turn on my MB i get all LED's lit.  I know this is not correct.  What could be causing this problem??
  6. Encoders as faders on MotorMix emulation

    thanks tk, what file would that be a part of?
  7. I have all parts ready for my motormix emulation except for motorfaders.  I was wondering what do I need to do to get my encoders working for fader control.  Could someone help, I am not a programmer.
  8. Allelectronics is sold out.  Can anyone help me here?  I need 8 to finish my mblc.......
  9. cm labs motormix emulation for midibox lc?

    The way Mackie control is running with pro tools is via the HUI protocol which we cannot get.  I will work on checking the sysex string Thorston.
  10. cm labs motormix emulation for midibox lc?

    Warning, Warning.   I have built the motormix emulator.  I still have not gotten my motorfaders.  All works well except with pro tools.  The LCD display does not work with pro tools,  it seems as though there is i slightly different protocol for pro tools.  So far everything else works!!!!
  11. Great what do you control with it, and how did you make that case???????
  12. ALPs encoders at mouser

    Anyone tried these alps encoders from mouser?  .   They are $1.47 .  I think I want to use them, any objections???
  13. Oh yeah welcome to UCapps fallout !!!!!!
  14. I would think that you are correct.  It can be connected to j2, but you must be sure polarity is right.  I would go with j1.
  15. cm labs motormix emulation for midibox lc?

    Has anyone completed a motormix clone,  I am curredcntly working on one????  Just asking..