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  1. Hi Thomasch, ist zwar auf den ersten Blick eine etwas abstruse Idee, ein USB3-SATA interface IC für einen MIDIswitch zu verwenden, aber die Idee ist nichtsdestotrotz gar nicht so abwegig, den SATA-Teil einfach tot liegen zu lassen und die 8 GPIOs mit dem CortexM3 Kern zu verwenden. Das KnowHow liegt letztendlich in dem externen SPI Memory für den M3, der Rest ist USB3 Standard-Interface Arbeit. Nicht dumm die Idee.... Mal abwarten was Ploytec daraus macht... VG, Andreas  
  2. Upcoming MBHP_MF_NG module

    Hi Thorsten, what about the noise of the motors during movement, the accuracy and the speed? Same as before? Cheers, Andreas
  3. Hi Thorsten, which computer?            an AMD motherboard with 2.4GHz Athlon (don't know the supplier) which operating system?  WinXP SP2 which driver?                  Ploytek special, customer specific which HW variant?          customer specific -- a special board connected via the                                   GM5 to the motherboard and a second USB-to-Audio                                   USB I/F with 480Mbit, also connected to the motherboard.                                   If the 480MBit line fails, the 12MBit USB-to-MIDI line also fails                                   sometimes In the meantime we found one possible problem for the failure: groundbouncing. During the initialization of the USB controller on the motherboard, looking for devices, a groundbounce shuts the device recognition down (it looks like that, but this is not yet proven). There seems to be no means in the GM -- only reset. Cheers, Andreas
  4. Hi, question to all: did anybody already test the part under full load on all MIDI channels at the same time? If yes, did it work properly? I have currently an issue with this GM5 in a customer specific equipment, and under some strange circumstances it hangs up from time to time -- communication on USB and also sometimes on the MIDI ports stops. Only Power-Down/Up solves it. Cheers, Skunk
  5. Hi Wilba, especially looking at the inside life of this great box: this is the most professional MIDIbox build I've seen! No spaghetti wiring (as seen in many other MIDIboxes), clean boards, cable minimization well adapted box outfit. Just professional. Congratulations! Cheers, Skunk
  6. The making of LX's MidiBox

    This is by far the most professional MIDIbox design I've seen! Congratulations! This fit's into my understanding of professional work. Cheers, Skunk
  7. Non contact faders

    Right Roger, it doesn't make much sense to invent the weel twice! Look at the motorfaders from ALPS. They are just perfect and deliver an excellent quality for a reasonable price (-> cost-performance issue). Cheers, Skunk
  8. Mackie Control C4 Clone

    Hot! A totally new view of the story! I'll pick it up again. Cheers, Skunk
  9. Very professional work! Congratulations!!! Cheers, Skunk
  10. Routing techniques

    I'd try to turn the ICs and move the JPs. It might need two or three trials. Such a simple design should be possible without bridges... Cheers, Skunk
  11. Hi Roger, typical swiss approach!  ;D  Welcome back! Cheers, Skunk
  12. An 8-step sequencer

    Any experience about (signal & frequency) stability over temperature range? A 555 is not a very stable device... passive components direct the frequency and behaviour over temp. Try at 0°C and 70°C and look for the results and signal behavior. Cheers, Skunk
  13. Nokia 5110 LCDs

    What do you mean? There is no IC socket for a display... Cheers, Skunk
  14. Are you sure it#s really obsolete respectively on Last Time Buy? I just double checked the Microchip web site, and it just says <<not recommended for new designs>> -- which is different to a Last Time Buy since the 452 is still available. Can you refer to the Microchip statement that you mentioned? LTB page or something similar? Cheers, Andreas
  15. Just Buffering. The gate delay can be ignored since it's in the nanosecond range Cheers, Skunk