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  1. Mackie Control C4 Clone

    Did you guys see the new C4 software? It's totally beyond my hack skills, but maybe this is a way to unlock the C4? It would be pretty cool. Sleeper
  2. Mackie Control C4 Clone

    it is all sysex though right?.. and the c4 can be part of an MCU/LC mixer group or stand on its own I know there are more features on the LC, but the features that really count for me are knob settings and LCD indicators. If it's possible to clone that part of it, make a box that can listen to the output of Logic or any LC compatable DAW and then update its LEDs and LCDS and transmits is pot values and switch banks....  oh and maybe send cursor position that would pretty much do it.  if someone can figure that out that would be f<n rad. sleeper
  3. Question for MACKIE CONTROL?

    yes go atmel go!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D a diy c4 would be sooo cool. sleeper
  4. Eagle Schematic files

    On this eagle subject, I'll contact the eagle, but was wondering if anyone here knows a way to get the eagle files updated... I'm on Mac OSX and can't open the  brd files, software says the versions are too old. Thanks Sleeper
  5. Eagle now on OS X!!!!

    I've just started using it too. nuts is that it has one problem...  it can't open many of the .brd files on this site because they are older versions. eagle for osx can't open files earlier than 4.11 :( Maybe someone on PC will resave the old files in a newer version? Cheers Sleeper
  6. Module connection for Mackie Clone

    Hi all, just nosing around, looking at the various modules and getting myself psyched up.  This is an awesome project.  I'm going to have to make one once my workbench gets cleared. I'm curious about the mackie emulation.  The new "mackie control universal" (as opposed to the logic/mackie Control) is the same hardware with a firmware update.   Sorry for being unfamiliar with PIC, never used it before... This should mean that the LC Clone should be able to mimic fully the mackie control universal in the future. Or is this something that has to happen in the emulation software? I just want to be sure this box wont dead end if LOGIC makes some change and stops supporting the old style hardware. Looking forward to more posts. Kelly