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  1. Livid Ohm front panel & boards

    is what I get for shipping to Austria..!?!?!. Weird. Regards, Michael
  2. I've built my dream! MBLC

    Impressive work!!!! Eager to see it with frontpanels on. regards, WW
  3. Midibox SELEKTOR II

    hello! Yes, the project is complete now although I didn't update the wiki. The Selektor was even used to play some gigs. Problem is with the appearence of Traktor 4 that I would like to have a different controller concept with incorporates the many hot cue buttons. Regards, Michael.
  4. compiile problem

    Thanks a lot. That did the trick. Cheers, Michael.
  5. LCD zeigt nur noch Sinnlosigkeiten

    hallo! das muss falsches pining sein oder eine datenleitung hat keine verbindung. Hatte das auch schon mal. grüße Michael
  6. compiile problem

    ähm. I think so. Is there a tutorial? cheers, m.
  7. compiile problem

    Hi! I am trying to install the new c interface and while trying to compile the "hello world" I got this error und WindowsXP C:\MIOS\apps\templates\sdcc_skeleton>make makefile:28: /include/makefile/common.mk: No such file or directory makefile:31: /modules/app_lcd/dummy/app_lcd.mk: No such file or directory make: *** No rule to make target `/modules/app_lcd/dummy/app_lcd.mk'.  Stop. can anybody give a hint. I think I got the pathes correct. Has this anythig to do with the MIOS_Path, tried that too but nothing happend? cheers, michael
  8. jog shuttle question

    c1 and c2 (common pin?) are the ground pins. all the other pins go to one input pin on the DIN module. J1 and J2 are the pins of the encoder (rotary thing in the middle) the other 4 pins belong to the shuttle ring. that's it. You need to do some programming though to make them work, f.e. with the C interface. regards, michael
  9. sammichSID Prototype

    hi Wilba! Me again! Which library do you use for the tact switches and the encoders. I am searching for hours... Would be great if you could share them. cheers, michael
  10. sammichSID Prototype

    I assume it is a stereo SID synth.
  11. sammichSID Prototype

  12. GM5x5x5 Acrylic Sandwich Panels

    Hi twin-x! have you got dxf files or anything? I am thinking about waterjetcutting 2mm carbon fibre panels. Would be nice if you could hand them out. cheers, Michael
  13. My traktor controller

    cool project. keep us informed!!!
  14. MB-SEQ V3/V4 Control Surface PCB and matching case

    hi! Just wanted to know if the encoders are also connected to the matrix or do they need to have a dedicated input on a SR. I need to know that for a other project though. Regards, Michael
  15. Infos needed on that special controller

    hi! There was not much info on the forum. Just this picture and the question if anybody would know more. I sadly lost the link. It just looked that if this is an MB project so I thought I would ask here. Cheers, Michael