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  1. fantastic. I'm a very patient guy Thanks for replying
  2. Too bad missed out on this. I still need a new main board. I hope it will get restocked.
  3. This kind of wiring is common in Holland only wall outlets near water or moist rooms have an extra earth connection. The wiring in my house is 25 years old i think
  4. There is no earth connection available in the room i'm in. All wall outlets here are without earth connection.
  5. so i got some new info concerning this issue. I'm almost convinced now that it is not a faulty MB6582. This is what happened: I decided to plug in the MB6582 into another wall outlet then my external usb soundcard just to try. And when i did this all problems are gone . Not sure how to proceed next. grtz
  6. Did you try to contact access about the issue maybe they can help / guide you. Maybe they can even deliver you a new tact switch.
  7. The only way for me to try a linear psu is by buying one. That is no problemen but if it isn't sure that it will solve the issue then its like throwing money in the garbage bin So looking around to see what kind of linear psu i can find. I came across this one i think this one is perfect for the job. Did not order yet, still waiting on other tips :D http://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Sola-Hevi-Duty/SLS-12-017T/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMtl%252b%2ft8G5TWgN7SYPj5Kq48atvObpxO30E%3d
  8. The PSU i'm using is this one: https://www.conrad.nl/nl/dehner-elektronik-sys-1319-3015-t3-tafelnetvoeding-vaste-spanning-15-vdc-2000-ma-514431.html Only Dutch language. And the datasheet is French http://www.produktinfo.conrad.com/datenblaetter/500000-524999/514431-an-01-fr-alim_sys.pdf
  9. i tried to explain how everything is connected by pointing you towards the other topic. But maybe easier to repost it here. So above picture show how the bridges are running with a component list on the right side. The PSU i'm using is a 15V / 2A switching power supply. I choose 15V because at first i also wanted to be able to use 12V for the 6581s the bridge previous mensioned is now removed so 12V is not used anymore. Above shows the power plug that shows where the power comes in. I only use the 2 pins that are marked with the red box. So i'm using only those 2 pins directly soldered on the 15V DC powersupply. So Pin 6-7 is connected the other pins are NOT connected. The values mentioned in the pic are not used. When i only connect the power supply to the MB6582 without any other connectors the MB6582 acts normal. So the power switch works how it should. If i connect a headphone to the MIX OUT connection the MB6582 still acts normal. But when i connect the MIX OUT (and any other output of the MB6582) to my External soundcard that the powerswitch does not act "normal" anymore. But the connections act like a power switch. Also if i connect it to any other "plugged in" computer/synth it does the same. So i gues a connection made with a "plugged in module" it will creat a closed power loop and thus switching "ON" the MB6582
  10. I measured that suspicous wire and did not measure any problems. Still decided to remove that wire completly because i will not be using it for this build i only need that bridge when i wanted to use 6581 sid chips but decided to not use these. After i removed the wire and connected everything again the problem is still not solved the mb6582 still does the same thing. Any more suggestions what to try?
  11. The way i'm powering this is by running it off a single DC powersupply. All the details and pictures how i have wired are discussed in this topic: Most of the latest replies to this are me asking attitude how i must proceed with powering the MB6582 this way.
  12. So here is the strange problem i have. When i connect a Jack connector or MIDI connector to my MB6582 the synth powers on and can not be switched off with the powerbutton untill these cables are disconnected again. This only counts for connectors that are connected to other modules that have power on it. So for instance my external USB soundcard will power the synth on. But a headphone that is connected directly to the MB6582 will not power the synth on.
  13. I will create a new topic with details about the problem and high res pictures.
  14. Got meself a new issue i think i just noticed it today. When i connect a audio jack to the MB6582 the synth powers on without using the power switch..??? I can also not switch it off anymore after that..it only powers off when the audio jack is removed again. Don't think it supposed to do that. The same thing happen when i connect the OUT midi port.
  15. Thanks
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