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  1. This is great. I'd like building this myself. Can you please post schematics and values for capacitors etc. The photo's explain a lot but it's a bit difficult to see how everything is connected.
  2. Hier nog een Nederlander met een volledig afgeronde MB6582 (inclusief control panel) met 8 SIDS. Ik heb ook nog een sammichSID gemaakt. Voor de MB6582 gebruik ik gewoon een oude commodore voeding. Je moet wel opletten dat je de voeding gebruikt van het "nieuwe" type commodore. Dat zijn die witte. De oude voeding van de eerste serie C64's (die bruinige) zijn niet sterk genoeg.
  3. I know a commodore 64c powersupply might do the trick, however the mb-6582 is very close to the maximum that the C64 powersupply can handle. What I like to know if I could offer 12V DC directly to the 7809 regulator on the MB-6582. The 5V is not the issue. It's the 7809 that does nog get a high enough voltage to regulate. So If I get me a power supply with 5V DC and 12V DC I won;t need the big capacitors and the diodes to make the AC into DC. I can offer 12V DC directly to the 7809. I won't be needing anything else because I only use the 9V SIDS and not the 12V SIDS. Is this possible?
  4. I have a working MB-6582 with 8 sids. The only problem I have is an anoying noise in the audio signal which I believe is coming from the powersupply. I only use the 9V sid types so I don't need 12V. I used a scope to measure some things an noticed the voltage going in the 7809 voltage regulater is between 10.6V and 11.7V. I think that's causing the troubles. 10.6V is simply to low for the voltage regulator to regulate. I guess my powersupply just can't handle it and the big capacitors can't fix that. So I need a better powersupply. Finding a new commodore 64 power supply is no garantee for a fix so I think a completely different powersupply is a better option. Is it a good idea to find myself a regulated powersupply which delivers 12V DC and 5V DC? The 12V DC I can offer directly to the 7809 regulator. All I need to do is bypassing the diodes. I don't need them anymore since I'm offering a DC voltage directly. A commodore Amiga 500 powersupply could be an option. The pinout is here: http://pinouts.ru/Power/amiga500power_pinout.shtml I notice a 5V, gnd and +12V. There's also a -12V which I don't need. I could solder a different connector to it so it fits the MB-6582. Is this a good idea or am I missing something here?
  5. I can now see the panel files and it looks great in motm format with extra cv's. Unfortuantely it's a jpg. Is the .fpd file of this motm version also available somewhere?
  6. I have plans building a mb seq for my motm size modular. Looking for info I found this thread. Unfortunately I can't see the panel design. Is it possible to post some more info on your design? It would save me a lot of time I I could see your design and panel.
  7. For quite a while now I have a finished and working mb6582 which I like very much. Still I'm not 100% satisfied because I hear a humm in the outputs of all sids. I think the problem is the powersupply. I was wondering if a Commodore 128 power supply is a better option. I can get one quite easy but will it help? I read the commodore 128 can handle 2.5A so it seems to me that's more than enough. Are the C64 and the C128 powersupply compatible? Or do I need to change it in some way? I know it has a different connector, but are those pins 1:1 the same? Kind regards, Rene
  8. Where can I download this pdf manual?
  9. Thanks Smithy !! Now I can change my bank from the CS. Now the only thing I need to find out is how to change the bank with Cubase. I can change my patch, but not my bank. Probably I need to select the ensemble menu first, but I don't know how to do this with Cubase SX 4.
  10. For a while now I'm the proud owner of a MB-6582. It seems to work fine but after using it I have some questions I cannot find a few things in the manual. I'm probably overlooking some things. 1) What does the L R button do? I guess it sould disable the left or the right channel, but on my MB-6582 nothing seems to happen. The LEDS are working and the button also changes the L R leds, but nothing happens to my sound. Is this normal or is something wrong with me MB-6582? 2) How do I select my bank. I just can't figure out how to go to bank B, C etc. 3) What does the sync led do? When I press the button below it the led does not light. All my leds are working in te test app. I'm using Mios 1.9g and Midibox sid RC33. Best Regards, Rene
  11. How stupid of me ! I completely forgot it's stereo. Now I also understand why you designed a dual VCF. So I need an aout_ng module for each core and 4 dual VCF boards. Are there pcb's available with 4 x aout_ng and 4 x dual filter on it? A one pcb solution would be nice and a great addon for the mb-6582.
  12. It's all becoming clear to me now. Last questions (I promise). The aout_ng has 8 CV outputs. I probably need 2 CV's for a filter module (one CV for cutoff and one fro resonance). So can I use 4 x 2 CV's for 4 filters? That would mean I only need 1 AOUT_NG module to control 4 filters.
  13. Thanks Wilba. It's probably a very stupid question, but what exactly can i do wit the aout board. Is it to control external filters? So will i be able to use the midibox OS to control external filters? If I want to connect an aout module, Do I need to wire it to the first core only? Another thing i don't understand fully is the combination of the auout module and the 2044 dual filter VCF. I understand the AOUT module Control Voltages control the filter. But where does the audio go? Can I use the expansion port to route the audio output to the VCF? Can I route the Audio output of the VCF back to the MB-6582 (again using the expansion port) and send the filtered output to the main outputs of the midibox sid? That way i would only need one cable to the aout/vcf expansion and no extra audio connections. Last question: Can I power the aoout module and the 2044 dual filter VCF from the expansion port or do I need an external power supply? Kind regards, Rene
  14. Since a few months I enjoy having a MB-6582. It works great but there's two things I still have to do. First the LCD display. On wilba's photo's The LCD screen is almost in line with the Control surface. It's just a little bit lower. My LCD screen however is a lot lower than the panel. That's because I had to put several plastic rings between my CS and the LCD for isolation. Is there a better way to get the LCD screen higher? The second question probably is asked before, but I still don't get it. I want to use the expansion port. At the moment I didn't wire it because I don't know how to do it. I don't know which pins of the expansion port to which pins on the MB-6582 main board. Do I have to wire all core's to the expansion port or only the first core? Kind regards, Rene
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