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  1. [FS] MB SEQ Button Led Matrix

    I have got two midibox BLM (button led matrix) PCB's left which I don't need anymore. Both PCB's are in excellent condition (unused and clean) ! I don't recall what I have paid for them, but I think 30 EUR each, shipped within Germany, is a fair price. If somebody outside Germany is interested, please ask me for a specific shipping quote for your country.
  2. [FS] SEQ Control Surface PCB

    I have got one unused Midibox SEQ control surface PCB left which I don't need anymore. The PCB is totally clean and unused, please check out the pictures attached. So I am happy to let it go. I thought 30 EUR shipped within Germany is a fair price. If somebody outside Germany wants th PCB, I have to get a quote for shiping.  
  3. Another SammichSID Completed

    I did just use a knife in order to lift the paper. I didn't use any liquids during this process ....
  4. We don´t give a SID

    very good Peter, I like it !
  5. [FS] sammichFM Kit (new)

  6. [FS] sammichFM Kit (new)

    Hi Guys,   I have got a complete sammichFM Kit sitting here, waiting to be built. Unfortunately I have got no time to get my hands on it. So it is up for sale now.   I am asking 210 EUR (shipped within Germany), shipped elsewere in Europe 215 EUR's. The kit is new and complete, never touched !   Cheers orange  
  7. [WTB] Screws for the Pac Tec PT-10 Case

    I have got some left :-)
  8. LCD suggestions

    Well, as you mention it. I didn't pay any attention to this detail :-). After the replacement of the green display, I haven't connected the SEQV4 to the PC. Maybe not a good idea... I will measure the heat generated by the voltage regulator at some point and check their specs again. Not sure where there limits in terms of current are ... Thanks for the hint, I didn't realize that they are so energetic :-) ..... and FAST !!
  9. LCD suggestions

    Yes, they were. I didn't pay $100 for them....
  10. Burns Encoder in MBSEQ V4

    Yesterday I was so upset about the parameter jumps of my Bourns encoder in my MBSEQ V4 that I decided to replace them. Today I used my 808 in order to de-soldered them. Then I replaced them with the good old Alpha's. Man, those Bourns encoders suck..... Now with the Alpha encoders it is really fun to play with the MBSEQ.   PS: I've got flat top LED's in my control surface. When I removed it, I couldn't re-assemble it. So I had to de-solder the LED's are well and had to replace them... I am done for today :-)
  11. VFD 20x2 & 40x2

    I can recommend the following Noritake VFD displays:   They are extremely fast, good looking, but not cheap .... I put two of them in my MBSEQ V4, they are working great !
  12. LCD suggestions

    Today I installed two Noritake VFD Display's. I bought them cheap when I was in the US. They are great and really fast, but here in Europe they are soooo expensive ...
  13. MB6582 Base to CS connection

    Hi,   I can recommend the following cable:;ACTION=3;LA=2;ARTICLE=32346;GROUPID=5216;SID=15UNjuWqwQAQ8AAH2rDD458ecd87cdfb539c0c5e96d06a7805539   It works very well and you can still separate both parts from each other:          
  14. CV/Gate Breakout/Buffer Board

    Hi,   I would be interested in two boards as well :phone:   Cheers orange
  15. BLM 16x4 PCB

    Hi,   I have just ordered one from and they charged 103 USD (incl. shipping within the US). I guess there are other alternatives in Europe...   Cheers orange