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  1. As title says, i am parting my MBHP CORE Module without the LPC17 ( i didn't finished assembly, and i cant find the LPC). But you have as a starting point Not sure what to ask for, so parts wise i say 50 EUR and it's yours (plus 4 EUR shipping) Photos are attached.  


    Hello! I am selling my assembled MIDIBOX SEQ V4 with - STM32 Core - 4 MIDI OUT - Ethernet Module - SD Card Module I'm asking 500 EUR for the assembled unit. Shipping is included (in germany)  
  4. I am selling my (rarely used) sammichSID, equipped with SIDs ( i assume 8580, but will check when i am back home ) Furthermore i give a one year warranty on solderpoints and/or parts. EXCEPT the SIDs! The price is 399,-€ without shipping. Shipping +PP in Germany is around 10 EUR, Europewide 20 EUR and worldwide 25 EUR. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you want to see more pictures.   - - -   Sequioa Parts from Fibra (his original design): Photos here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fibra/sets/72157604801549403/ Asking 40 EUR plus shipping.
  5. Peripheral! 16x4 BLM addon

      Got any order number or supplier ? I assume you didn't made a PCB ... breadboarded ? 
  6. Sale: MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite

    Unit sold for 121 EUR.
  7. Sale: MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite

    Hi,   i'd like to part my fully working and built Midibox SEQ V4lite, as i am not using it much and it's just not fitting my sequencer interests, however it's fun playing with it.   Details: - fully built control board - includes LPC Core  - Orange Casing with white inlay   Costs are: 15 EUR for LPC CORE PCB 30 EUR for the LPC CORE Module (including the programmer part) 10 EUR for the MIDIBOX SEQ V4L 20 EUR for the LPC parts 20 EUR for the SEQ V4L PARTS including SD 25 EUR for the translucent case   120 EUR including shipping in Germany or 120 EUR plus shipping outside germany (approx. 8 EUR). IBAN/BIC would be ideal, otherwise +2.5% PP fees.   Cheers Jan   p.s.: Permission has been granted by TK, see other thread.  
  8. Sale Request: MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite

    Hi, i'd like to sell my MIDIbox SEQ V4 Lite (with Orange top and bottom Panel) as i am rarely using it. TK, can you approve it ? And what's a fair price for it ?
  9. [FEELER] Mean Well RPT-60B Switching PSU

    Sorry for the delay, kinda busy. I'm in.
  10. [FEELER] Mean Well RPT-60B Switching PSU

    Also count me in for one.
  11. Assembled Dual SSM2044 VCF

    Hi, selling my fully assembled Dual SSM2044 VCF from T. Stoeckl. Equipped with SSM2044. Set with Styroflex and high quality Pots. Asking: 70 EUR ( because of high costs part count). Price negotiable.
  12. MB-808 Sale request

    Hi, Due to unforseen private issues, i need to part this lovely built unit and kindly ask for Sale Request. It's a complete functional MB808 with a "MIDIBOX" sticker on Top of it.
  13. Lovely MB6582 for Sale

    And sold! Thanks for the deal. Shipping information provided. Will ship out tomorrow.
  14. Lovely MB6582 for Sale

    For Sale is my lovely MB6582 with blue LED's, green/yellow display, black enclosure. Additionally to the "usual" MB6582, this has ( as far i remember, a 6580 / 6582 combo setup) and of course wooden endcheeks. Will be sold with Commodore 64 PSU. Built quality is very good. (1- as i am not a good debugger, but everything works good) Asking 700 EUR plus Shipping; Have TK's approval for sale! Photo: More photos (some build photos as well) in the Flickr! Set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jczmok/sets/72157602858452147/with/2214363928/
  15. debugging my f... blofeld system restore

    1. jojjelito


      Waldorf = support hell still?