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  1. Oops... The parts are # 700460 - 62 (push button T602, though I think this may be a little small) and 700479 - 62 (pushbutton T604 = TS695) Dan
  2. Hi, I'm not sure if this has been asked before, feel free to shout at me if it has :P I was wondering what buttons people have been using on their midiboxes - I plan to make a SID with the step A CS, then upgrade eventually to the fully-featured step C. Specifically, I was wondering what type Thorsten used on his own SID. I've been looking at these: http://www1.uk.conrad.com/scripts/wgate/zcop_uk/?~template=pcat_product_details_document&object_guid=5C116E3BABD18552E10000000A010220&master_guid=&master_typ=&no_brotkrumennavi=&p_load_area=216400&p_artikelbilder_mode=Ein&p_sortopt=object_description&page=3&p_catalog_max_results=10&cachedetail= - sorry for the massive URL and these: http://www1.uk.conrad.com/scripts/wgate/zcop_uk/?~template=pcat_product_details_document&object_guid=64116E3BABD18552E10000000A010220&master_guid=&master_typ=&no_brotkrumennavi=&p_load_area=216400&p_artikelbilder_mode=Ein&p_sortopt=object_description&page=6&p_catalog_max_results=10&cachedetail= - again, sorry about the size of the URL I'm just wondering if 0.25mm is going to be enough travel for use on a CS, I'm hoping for a similar feel to the buttins (not footswitches) on my Zoom 4040 guitar FX unit. Thanks for the help, Dan.
  3. I'm glad you asked these questions, because I had similar thoughts - when it says "front of the plug" is that the plug itself, meaning the pins, or the front of the socket? Glad you anwered that one or I could have had some serious voltage problems :P As for the design of the PSU itself, I was a little confused too - my own C64C (late model that I'm too attached to to take apart) had a square power supply with fins across it and an embossed C= logo, in the same grey/beige colour as the computer. I bought a Mk1 C64 (light brown, dark brown keys) expecting to have a wedge-shaped PSU and instead got one the same design as a later one, but in black. It outputs the right voltages to power up the C64 though, so guess that's what matters. My question, is the optimised PSU schematic usable for 6581's, 8580's, or both? Thanks, Dan
  4. I don't know about assigning CC's, but I've been working on a simple program that sends midi notes when you press keys - at the moment it's a little like Sweet Little Piano (they charge $14.99 for an app that I made a clone of in an afternoon >:() but I have plans to make it more complex...
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