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  1. Agreed, the new look is awesome.
  2. Typical. People try to help you, and you just insult them then be childish and call the whole project and forum "useless" because you can't be bothered to make the effort to understand it yourself.
  3. Looks good to me (not that I know electronics too well), and it sounds like you've got a hell of a plan here - A C64 PSU will be an average of 20 years old, so there's obviously gonna be a few dead ones around, and the good ones may not stay that way for long. The idea of a universal MB power supply is awesome, and it could even be a cool addition to the MBHP - MBHP_PSU anyone?
  4. Damn, that's a real shame - still, I never got round to making an order (too much uni work to do first) so I guess you'll have some corrected boards in by the time I've done all my work and made an order. I reckon Wisefire's on to something tho - since the boards do work, just with a wiring difference - could you not sell the incorrect batch at a discount? I'm not angling to get cheaper boards you understand, just don't want to see a big stack of perfectly good MB boards getting junked due to a mistake anyone could have made.
  5. In the MBSID source code you've downloaded, there is a file calle main.asm. somewhere in that file is a line that says #define CS_MENU_DISPLAYED_ITEMS 5 (if you're viewing it in windows notepad, hit ctrl-F to find the correct line). You need to change that line so it says 10 instead of 5, then compile and upload the source via midi.
  6. Apologies for confusion with the names :P @Jackan: Thanks! now all I have to do is learn Swedish so I can order from there ;)
  7. Jack, I love your SID. Where did you get that awesome OLED from?
  8. Apologies. I did misunderstand Smash, but I assure you all that it was not deliberate. When I read "those who have waited so patiently", I thought he meant people who had pre-ordered the new boards, forgetting that numerous orders had been lost in the past. My bad.
  9. You're throwing in extras? If I were to order tonight, would I be able to get a core and a sid module or have you already sold your initial shipment? And would I get some cabling thrown in too? </eager> *ahem*. Please forgive the kid-in-a-sweet-shop attitude of the previous questions, I'm just psyched about these boards.
  10. That's looking good, looks more professional now you're not using brightly coloured buttons and the LCDs look better placed to my eye. Can't wait to see some build photos ;D
  11. Good God Smash, I thought they looked professional before! I've seen actual OEM mass-produced PC cards (hell, I've owned mass-produces PC cards) that didn't look that cool.
  12. Cool design, though personally I think the area around the LCD looks a little empty with the screen stuck there almost like an afterthought. Very cool layout though, and I love the big "turntables" so you can scratch. You gonna coat the aluminium with something so they're not too slippy?
  13. The image is just a screen dump from eagle at full zoom. As for the board itself, well, I'm not the best in the world when it comes to soldering and space in the case I'm gonna build in isn't really an issue. For more confident solderers the board could probably come down to around an inch wide, but I'd rather make a fairly big board I know I can solder than a really efficient one that I can't. Feel free to miniaturise it, just post your .brd file so I can have a look ;D
  14. I'm not really sure about using it with Reason as I don't use it that often, but as far as I know the "64" part of the MB64 goes like this: up to 64 pots / faders (essentially the same) AND up to 64 buttons (an encoder or "endless pot" is 2 buttons) AND up to 64 LEDs I think that's right, though there are people here who are far more knowledgeable about the subject than myself...
  15. @Jidis: The values in this are just general values as specified in the link, and you're correct it is the "active 3-band Baxandall". And yeah, board editor rules :P @Machinate: You're a super-noob? that makes 2 of us then! ;D You were right about the auto-routing gone crazy... I've updated the board designs with your recommendations, no more bridges! http://www.danielprice.org.uk/misc/3band-OPA2134-rev2.gif and http://www.danielprice.org.uk/misc/Baxendall-3band-3-OPA2134-rev2.brd
  16. OK, I haven't done the math with the resistance values yet (thinking of using the same values as in the schematic - I'll only have 2-band EQ on my SID, but I can use the mixer for other stuff if i want), but I have come up with the following circuit. Apologies for only having the board, but I made the mistake of editing the board when I discovered an error, instead of the schematic. I used the OPA2134 instead of a pair of OPA134's. Board GIF: http://www.danielprice.org.uk/misc/3band-OPA2134.gif And the .brd file itself: http://www.danielprice.org.uk/misc/Baxendall-3band-3-OPA2134.brd
  17. I'm no electronics expert, but am I right in guessing that a 10K or 100K logarythmic pot fading between the audio out and ground would be sufficient?
  18. @Jidis: I think the PSone tft screens use composite or s-video inputs from what I remember of the connections on the console. @lagoausente: You're correct, you can underclock a pentium-M processor to save energy. In fact, you can make it dynamically underclock itself depending on how much processing power is required at the time.
  19. That's a very good point, I hadn't thought of that. I'll do the maths when I'm at my own computer and see what values I come up with.
  20. Hmm, looking at some of the others on the net, I'd say you're right. I've been looking at the active 3-band Baxendall from http://www.headwize.com/projects/showproj.php?file=equal_prj.htm, and that seems to be more useful for my application - it's active, for one! Am i right in assuming that the left-hand earth contact (IC1 pin 3) is connected to the earth on the input bus, and the right-hand earth (IC2 pin 3) is connected to the output bus' earth? Or would they be connected to each other as well?
  21. You might have trouble, from what I remember reading x64 edition needs new 64-bit drivers for just about everything. Good luck, I hope you find some!
  22. Hi all, I know there's a bunh of different threads on here about mixers, and I'm thinking of building one for when I get my MBSID going with 4 mono outs. The mixer will be 4-channel mono to 2-channel stereo, with individual track panning, gain control (hopefully) and 3-band EQ. At the moment, it's the EQ that's troubling me. I intend to create something similar to http://www.mitedu.freeserve.co.uk/Circuits/Audio/3band.htm. Using Eagle Light, I came up with a schematic based on that one, but the connections are confusing me a little. Could anyone shed some ligth on the subject? I assume that the 2 terminals on the left are the audio input bus, but it's on the right that's confusing me - there appears to be one output terminal, 2 earths and a V+ supply, connected to one of the earth terminals with a 100uF cap. Which of the earth terminals (if not both) do you think would be connected to the output jack? I've annotated my Eagle schematic and put it on my website - www.danielprice.org.uk/misc/toneControls1.jpg - with what I think might be needed. note that JP1, JP2 and JP3 are the pin headers I will connect my pots to. Also, have i got the pins of the LF351 right, since the diagram only used 5 pins? I have no experience of op-amps (yet). My Eagle schematic is also on my site at www.danielprice.org.uk/misc/tone.sch. Feel free to edit it, just let me know! Many thanks in advance, Dan.
  23. Thanks Moebius. Any idea if a pot for stereo panning (position of the audio in a stereo mix that is, not a stereo potentiometer) would be lin or log? Dan.
  24. Surely something so cheap and tacky doesn't have midi ports?
  25. This is something that I was wondering about too - I plan to build a mixer for when I have my SID using 4 mono outs, and I was wondering whether I should use linear or logarythmic pots/faders... My understanding is to use lin for data values - like controlling a midi value, and log for volume or gain. Is this correct? Also, anyone know where I can get a center-detented pot to use for stereo panning?
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