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  1. 6582 SID MEGA-SALE #7

    Amen to that sir!
  2. How cool!!! Okkam-01

    Is that the thing Darren Hayes used on his last solo album?? May have been in SOS, maybe I should check the link....
  3. Stereo SID V2

    I realise i'm bumping up a bit of an old thread, but I have a suggestion regarding the LED's. Why not use dual-gang pots, and connect one half as normal, and the other half as a voltage divider to alter the brightness of the LED's. KISS....
  4. theGIMMICK - pic-based guitar tuner

    nILS, that is awesome, how well does it work?? I'll be adding that to my list of things to do for sure!
  5. I'm in for one kit, saves me ordering everything seperately!
  6. Atomic

    Isn't htere a 303 clone with a similar interface (FR-707?) ??? Looks like a great idea, but a bit confusing to get my head around.
  7. OpenStomp

    And the award for most hairs split goes to........  8)
  8. MOS 6581R4AR SIDs for sale

    I think we need to be careful of jumping on the bandwagon a bit here, before we have any further details. My gut instinct is that they are genuine NOS chips, they certainly don't look like they're faked. ( http://kevtris.org/Projects/sid/remarked_sids.html ). However, I stand by my original position. If they're not tested, i'm not interested.
  9. Legal Question about MB SID

    Is the sound of a Fender Strat under copyright by Fender?
  10. low freqs mattres

    Hehe, i'm not sure wether that's an urban myth or not, but I like the idea of infra-sound laxitives ;)
  11. MOS 6581R4AR SIDs for sale

    Agreed, I wouldn't mind a couple but only if they're tested. I'm not putting down money on something that may not be fully functional.
  12. very strange voltagebug with mb-6582

    If the voltage is dropping as the temps go up, it's most likely the regulators. They have a thermal shutdown to prevent damage from shorts, so perhaps that's the answer. Also, are you still using the C64 PSU?? I know a lot of the old ones get a bit crazy when they get warm.
  13. low freqs mattres

    Just be careful of the levels of frequencies around 33Hz, supposedly the ground note. Can be very enjoyable for ladies i'm told, but can also open up your bowls a little bit ;)
  14. MOS 6581R4AR SIDs for sale

    Are they tested? And is that USD???
  15. OPL Decapsulation - Report by Olli Niemitalo

    That is truly awesome! Anybody fancy donating a (broken) SID for the same treatment?