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  1. Mein Sid...

    Leider nicht, da die SID V2 gar nich auf den 18f452 passt. U.A. wegen des höheren Speicherbedarfs wurde dann auf den grösseren 18f4685 gewechselt.
  2. USB PIC Module

    Könnte man den Topic endlich mal umbenennen ? Ich weiss nicht was diese ganze diskussion noch mit dem usb-pic modul zu tun hat? Ich meine es gibt genug newbs die sich den kopf zerbrechen müssen weil man manche sachen so durcheinander bringt. Klar wir die schon länger hier sind verstehen das, aber denkt auch mal an andere. Wie soll man denn die ForumsSuche schön und sauber benutzen unter solchen Umständen ?
  3. Improved GM5 BOARD 5x5 EXPANDED

    hahahahah :D
  4. I've started a topic to collect the interests in this pcbs. It's located here:,12195.html greetz
  5. If Smash or nobody else has the time to do that I'd spend the time for arranging a bulk order for these pcbs. This project is really really great. When I am closing my eyes I am seeing a biiiiiiiiig mixer combined from LC's, 64's and this project. ;D Axels monster lc needs some new analog channel strips soon :D EDIT: What is Mb Stor ? oO
  6. My midi cross fader for scratching

    I am using this fader too in my DJ mixer. It's really great ! Good choice ;P
  7. Good idea, but I think its better just to add motorfader (aout) function to the mb mixer application. I don't think a "merge" of the projects is so easily possible. With aouts you could even add more real controls like eqs to your mixer. Midifying analog gear is an actual discussion here. Go and look at the wiki. There are some hints about the possibilities. But this wasnt worker out deeper by anyone as far as I know. greetz
  8. I don't know if anybody has some pcbs. I did some layout and have 2 protos lying around. bUT i didnt had the time to test them. And I dont want to publish non working pcbs ;P outdated ... i am arranging a bulk for Lyles great pcbs. Look under Bulk orders. greetz
  9. Dual SSM2044 PCB Bulk Order

    me too, thank you very much for this great pcb !
  10. Re: MIDI Merging an external controller

    And exactly these arent controlled by cc or sysex. I think I have to get deeper into MBNet or I have to implement the layer functions in my analog part and stay on MBLink (the easiest way perhaps) .... Why more than 14 ? The SID has 14 encoders (without menu) and those are to replace.
  11. Re: MIDI Merging an external controller

    thank for your explanation !! I want to replace the 14 encoders with analog pots. As far as you explained, I understand everything. My only problem is that I dont know if it is possible to access a value of an encoder directly. So that I turn a pot and the right value in the chosen layer (!) is changed. ...or... can I just change one CERTAIN parameter? That way I would have to manage these layer functions in my controller and not in my sid. But that would be a lot more to do I suppose. :/ If everything works fine we could melt our projects to one ?!
  12. 256 DINs?

  13. Re: MIDI Merging an external controller

    nice to hear that you solved this. I'll have to check that MBLink and perhaps MBNet stuff for my purposes too soon. Can MBNET access and change the actual values of the encoders in the chosen layer? Or can it only handle a parameter "inside the sidapp", meaning I cant access parameters "of the control surface"? (sry for that bad english ;D) I  havent read into that stuff very deeply yet, but it were nice to know if you could give me a good starting point for that. greetz
  14. USB PIC Module

    Da der Thread jetzt doch komplett gehijackt wurde wäre es denke ich für den Urheber des Threades (und für zukünftige ForenSuchAktionen) nett, wenn man die GM5 Abteilung in nem gesonderten Topic verschiebt ?! greetz
  15. great, i have still 8 pgas here already !