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  1. hi, can 't you arrange something with the folk over there at prodigy pro ? There were at least 2-3 europeans involved with case stuff.
  2. AOUT_NG VCO Tracking

    these linearity errors are code dependent, hence, if you notice it (?) try giving it an offset in digital realm and compensate for it in analog realm.
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    ...Thorsten, Im lacking the words ... got to ... click... beeer....
  4. Finished MIDIbox CV

    can you tell me a good software LFO? I can't find one that does what i want ,interpolates between waveforms... OR curve fitting between given points  :P
  5. smooth, no customs here either! Thank you very much for the effort ! :) Fussylizard, give a tought : everything is vc controlled so you can just leave the pots out . PCB is 40 usd, worth it , as nothing comes close?
  6. Why is it called FM synthesis?

    Ah, ah... Whats wrong about this is that an average guitarist knows more about harmonics than your average techno dj, hence, the FM synth is in better hands  :P
  7. shipping is ~ 25 eur.
  8. [B] SSM2044 PCB wanted

    a discrete ssm2040 ... pcb sells for 40usd, also the components are expensive (ok maybe not so , non-ROHS lm394 is cheap ). I ve yet to hear te results... will buy this year.
  9. [B] SSM2044 PCB wanted

    if it wont work, I would definately try getting a MOTM 440 PCB .
  10. no problem on my behalf either, im 99% sure it will slip thru. Now if i wanted to build an MBFM too... Thats not so sure,but im looking for tx802 anyway.
  11. nah, I used to edit the html, and fax a screenshot (fax!! no email again lol). Besides, "I heard" that 50 usd upper limit is a local invention  (.hu) as it used to be 150 in other eu countries.
  12. awaiting invoice....and yes, about shipping INT, i would like mine to be specified as 50 usd including shipping , this means the LCD's should worth around 15-20 usd overall. Im a cheapskate, besides customs procedure takes +1.5 weeks as they first send me a mail. (Yes , mail, no email. )
  13. megadrive YM2612 fm chip

    you re right :( I don see how i was mistaken , as that ym2604 has the 16bit parallel out. HAHAHA. Nevermind, maybe I was one step ahead of myself and someone is about to release an FPGA core I can use with 16bit out that 'd be cool ...
  14. megadrive YM2612 fm chip

    ok guys, I have a few dozen PCM54 da chips Im willing to give away for participants if we get this rolling, also an idea about a novel output stage.
  15. megadrive YM2612 fm chip

    some internal yamaha doc leaked a while ago: also notice the ym2612 is used inside the yamaha dx7 II in conjuction with a 16bit linear PCM dac, so if the YM chip can be bought theres nothing to stop us ? I checked chinese site, stock appears to be low but present. Guess they gladly source it and we dont have to fear fakes as oef yet. Looky: I will gladly support such efforts!!! first off: