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  1. Love it! I got a cheapish mono LCD with touchscreen years (freaking YEARS) ago to build into my LC. Nice to know it might actually work...
  2. I've also recently put my MB stuff back on the bench, after a major interstate move and a bit of modular analog tomfoolery. Great to hear you're up and running!
  3. Heya. I had an issue with contrast on a pair of 40x2 LCDs. It was the old issue of negative contrast voltage rearing its head again. I solved it using this schem: http://www.stephenhobley.com/blog/2011/03/28/creating-a-negative-voltage-from-a-positive-one/ I tried it using 3.3v from the J5 port, no dice. Likely because I'm using an NE555 timer, would probably work with the CMOS version. Anyway, it solved the issue I was having. Good luck! /t/
  4. Sorry to get all deep-and-meaningful here, and don't get me wrong, I have no immediate plans to expire, but: What should happen to my MIDIboxes when I die? Is it OK for my wife/family to sell them? Or should they only be sold on the forum, or given away? Again, not that I plan to... just something that is on my morbid mind occasionally. /t/
  5. Basically my goal is to be able to just drop in there and noodle around, without necessarily needing to plug in the computer to get routing going. It's always sort of felt like a bit of a distraction having to do all that, but then I suppose once it is done, it's easy enough to hit record if I'm happy with the noodling... I also thought it might be an interesting way of viewing a MIDI setup, and could have potential for interesting live collaborations.
  6. I've been thinking in the back of my mind somewhere about a networkable MIDI router, probably using OSC. I have several racks of commercial synths, am (very slowly) putting together other racks of DIY MIDI and analogue synths. I am imagining a networkable MIDI router system where each rack could have its own router, and the racks themselves connected via ethernet. Such a system would probably need a hub/switch somewhere too, and ideally it should be able to work with or without a computer (especially since there will be a MBSEQ anyway... Perhaps a computer could be used early on, t
  7. is coming back soon. Might just finally get to finishing some things.

  8. has set their status!

  9. I don't think I need any more neutrons. At last count, I had the correct number. ...whatever that is.
  10. I'm not really they guy to talk to about the programming, but for updating ledrings individually you'll need to do a fair portion of bit masking. Pretty sure this is doable in C. I hate to be a bore, but the easiest way to do this is definitely to use 5 SRs. Any big reason why you can't do it this way?
  11. OK, I think I see where you're heading now. you want to make a 16x16 matrix, thus making 4 sub-matrices of 8 8-LED ledrings. This should be workable. The coding will be interesting.
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