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  1. Guys, it hurts but i gotta sell the sids i bought some time ago to build a mb6582. Unfortunately there wont be a lot of spare time in the near future to finish and play with it. The Chips are tested and in a 100% working condition, no broken legs, no crappy filters. 6x 8580 and 2x 6582. I only sell them as a package. I prefer german buyers and I am asking 200€ for them. Postage via insured DHL for additional 5,90€. Dont haggle, take it or leave it :-) You wont find many of them these days. If you are interested please do not write me a PM but an Email. Alex
  2. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    I hope to hear from the first european and overseas boxers soon....sent them all at once...
  3. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Package finally arrived this monday (Holy!), i just finished packing your boxes and ship them all tomorrow morning. :-) btw: hurolura, bottom left is yours ;)
  4. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    guys, i just received a message from Albs that they got all the knobs today from the factory and ship my complete order tomorrow. That means i will start shipping them to you by next week. ;-) coolio!
  5. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    hey guys, FYI. ALBS can deliver two of the three ordered variants not before calendar week 12 ...that means...the last week of march. As soon as i have get them..
  6. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    hey..the bulk is already closed and the knobs are ordered, even though ALBS has not delivered yet. Please ask one of the members that participated in the bulk. ;)
  7. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Update (24.02): --------------- Albs sent the order confirmation and the invoice today. I´ll transfer the money to their account now and hopefully get the knobs as fast as possible. Afaik from talking with the order management black/trans is on stock while black/red and black/white have to be backordered. So everything´s runnin... ;)
  8. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Sorry about that but you know snooze, you loose... ;) I will run another bulk though in a while when more people need them again. @Wilba: dunno, I think its a combination of very trustworthy midiboxers on the one hand and a crystal clear statement that I wont waste my and other peoples time with unreliable people. No second pms, no second emails...who really wants the stuff takes care...anyway the nr of people involved differs slightly :P
  9. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Update. --------- Everyone paid. Thank you for your fast response! I will order the knobs tomorrow. After then it´s up to ALBS to deliver.
  10. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    Update: Waiting for the last two people. They got big orders though. Will keep the schedule ;)
  11. ALBS Waldorf Knobs Bulk Order #1 2011

    The Paypal invoices have been sent today. Alle Members have replied to their PMS. Cool! Please pay as soon as possible, so that i can order the knobs. Thank you...
  12. MF MODUL Probleme

    Hängt schon ein Verbraucher dran? Der LM317 braucht - genauso wie die 78xx und 79xx Reihe einen Load current, damit er so funktioniert wie er soll. Häng mal einen oder mehrere parallele 1k Widerstände dran, so dass du einen verbraucher hast...
  13. MF MODUL Probleme

    Du hast glaube ich nicht so richtig verstanden wie ein LM317 funktioniert, bzw. ein Netzteil mit diesem Baustein. Ein Blick ins Datenblatt hilft. Die Ausgangsspannung, die du misst ist genau richtig für ein P1 (normalerweise R2) von 1K. Die Formel lautet: Vout = 1,25V (1+R2/R1) Btw: deine Frage wird sogar in dem von Dir verlinkten Bild beantwortet. Da stehen die Werte drin.