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  1. I think I've done my homework...

    5)Could someone point me towards some info on how to wire up a combination of buttons and encoders to DIN modules? combine these and switch them up as needed
  2. x0xb0x panels

    got them today thanks everyone involved
  3. i am in for a couple for sure. will try to watch this thread thanks again man
  4. Ableton Scratch Live

    @ kartoshka thanks for posting this @ cimo i knew that people were using mspinky as a vst, how is it working for you? i have used serato for awhile now, and ableton is my daw of choice, so i am excited to see what comes about
  5. Dual SSM2044 PCB Bulk Order

    got em thanks
  6. x0xb0x panels

    first let me say i am not worried one way or the other. and as far as i can say if something bad did happen and my stuff is gone, i do not want it to fall on sasha. he is tops. it is a small amount of money to me and most other people. if it all works out for me cool if not, no sweat. i am sure that i have saved enough of of single bulk orders to break even on one thing not going well. that is life. the main thing is that people do not get too stressed out over insignificant things. i am not worried. my last post was more of a " where do people think thing will end up at" kind of post.
  7. x0xb0x panels

    what do people think are the chances that we will end up with our stuff in the end?
  8. Feedback Loop on SID

    really good stuff.
  9. x0xb0x panels

    it will all turn out. i am sure. dont stress too much. life is too short
  10. MB-SID used in songs

    good stuff for sure
  11. prof can i get that extra set? i have the rare parts :) sending a pm now
  12. x0xb0x panels

    hope that guy turns out alright. thanks for the update. it is never good to hear when a good guy gets into a string of bad things :( thanks for thatdxf sasha. i guess you still have my pcb or does that guy that had the breakdown?
  13. x0xb0x panels

    yeah i know they are for the sasha pcb. i ordered one of those. and now i need a panel. is the dxf file available?
  14. think i missed this one too  ;D