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  1. LCD hookup

    Hello Trying to figure out how to make a simple adapter for the 2 LCD:s that's needed for the LC, since the pinout is completely different, did anyone make a adapter card for it or what? I'm thinking of making a perfboard with a ribbon cable in and do as in the tutorial document and 2 ribbon cables out with the correct pinout. Does anyone have a simpler solution?
  2. tutorial LC emulation

    Is there any examples om the LC:s different LCD:s i would love to se the pictures of the different displays in action.
  3. Some Debugging questions

    Check and double check resistors, near DIN, AIN port, sounds like "floating pins" i.e. they don't know if they are a 1 or a 0  and a hand over the pic will be enough to make it crazy.. so make sure you have them, they are not optional!
  4. Component questions (different pakages)

    Yeah, the AC adapter solution seems to be working. And as far as i've read the crystal wont work. And my question was if someone had made a SMD tl074 PCB allready or have the brd file so it's possible to change package.
  5. I've started to build a FM module, but i got smd tl074 and a "standard 2 pin" 14.318Mhz crystal. Have anyone made a circuitboard for thoose components? And is it possible to use wall-wharts instead to make the +-12v (or prefferably lower).
  6. Just a question about the scratch pads, yuo wrote that it was 8cds ona hdd motor with a strap to an encoder. Is it a standard non indented rotary encoder or what? would love to see more info on that part if possible.
  7. The making of a Traktor 3 controller

    I'm from Umeå. I hope we'll all se some live action from it soon. It seem to have alot of great desigh thought in it anyways :)
  8. The making of a Traktor 3 controller

    [Found you via "elektronikforumet"] Nice work, how well does it light up the translucent plastic cap?
  9. [B]Rotary encoders.

    Yep you guessed it. It's for a sequencer, so i'll need about 20 cheap rotarys. Close to sweden is prefered. (edited away the LCD:s, bought them)
  10. [S] 74HC165 74HC595 4051

    I bought a few extra 74HC165, 74HC595 and 4051. 74HC595 8kr (SEK) 74HC165 7,50kr (SEK) 4051 5kr (SEK) If anyone is intrested (preferably close to sweden) i'll converti it to other currencies. +shipping
  11. Swedish Electronic shops

    Don't forget the swedish they got loads of good stuff for midiboxes :)
  12. Någon här som kan bränna mina PIC18F.....

    Det ska inte vara några problem, får jag bara det i ett vadderat kuvert med returporto. Antar att du menar 18f452. Skicka ett pm om du är intresserad. Programmerar alla kretsar som finns på: Är alldeles ny med midibox, har kikat in här några gånge men är på vär att bygga mig en sequenser :)