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  1. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Two CEM3372 preliminary sold, 4 left.
  2. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Hey, yeah, it's okay (at least afaik) to register just for the fleamarket. I'll email/pm you!
  3. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    The SSM2044s have been sold. There's one SSM2044 PCB still left if there's any interest?
  4. Waveform control bits

    Not without removing "noise lock protection". You might want to give this old thread a read: http://midibox.org/forums/topic/12988-combined-waveforms-with-noise-uses-for-waveform-fragments/
  5. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Alright. I've PM'ed you for details!
  6. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Added more chips.
  7. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Hey,   sorry for late reply. As there hasn't been much interest on this I could sell the chips one by one.   Edit: and yeah, 25eur for one.
  8. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Dropped the price.
  9. [S] Custom MB6582 - unique item

      In all seriousness, very slick!
  10. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    8x 6582A sold. Got all the CEM 3372's left if anyone is interested.
  11. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Hey, sorry for late reply. They still are. I'll message you.
  12. [S] 4x CEM3372, 2x CEM3379

    Selling: 6x 4x CEM3372 - 25 EUR / pc 2x CEM3379 - 25 EUR / pc 4x SSM2044 - 20 EUR / pc 2x 1x SSM2044 PCB - 5 EUR / pc (By Seppoman) The SSMs are used. Buy two of them and you can also buy the PCB if you want. If/when the chips are sold without the PCB I can sell them separately as well. The CEMs were bought as NOS but I never got around to put them to use. If you find a problem with them I'll refund the money when returned. Ships from Finland.
  13. MIDIbox SEQ Aluminium Desktop Case

    PM sent. Better late than never eh? :p Edit: aaaaaand paid. Thank-y you-u very-y mucho :)
  14. So, I was moving around the mb-6582 with the power on, the front panel is kinda loose, just rests on top over the mainboard so there's bound to be some problems with moving parts inside and what not. Then, for some reason, it started formatting bankstick F. After restaring,, it went and formatted the essembles bankstick too. Any way to recover the patches from bank F? Ironically I happen to have backups of all the other banksticks I've made earlier of that but not of that particular one. ;_; In future, if I happen to run into the same situation (because I've been lazy and not fixed the actual cause yet), should I just abort the formatting with reset? Would I be able to save part of the bankstick? Or the whole? Or corrupt it completely? *intoxicated sob*
  15. Searching for C64 joysticks

    There's a remake of the Competition Pro: http://www.protovision-online.de/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=110