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  1. splittin' headache...where are the pills

  2. [SOLD] MB6582 and other MB hardware PCBs

    Hey Martin, ik heb wel interesse in je DIN en DOUT boards...
  3. Thnx dr your profile at're a madman...;) Do you know where my sister is? :) But anyway....normally i only use my pc for sequencing and not for sampling a lot of outboard gear but i'm in the middle of rearraging my studio....check my myspace for my gear list....also all mixing in this track was done in the box.....and to be quit honest i tried to get sidechaincompression in Cubase (i use SX2) with my Waves bundle but routing this is a hell and i never got it to work so f*ck it.....i just dont like DAW's.....
  4. Makin'dubstep with my SIDDER...

  5. SID boards

    From the album DenDer: SIDDER

  6. 2008_0812BurnerSID0009.JPG

    From the album DenDer: SIDDER

  7. 2008_0812BurnerSID0008.JPG

    From the album DenDer: SIDDER

  8. 2008_0731Image0032.JPG

    From the album DenDer: SIDDER

  9. Hi guys, finished SIDDER last week finnally so i made a test track.....i've started to listen to dubstep a while back and especially tracks by Joker and The Widdler draw my attention..... So check out this track made with my SID station....the stuff is sequenced by Cubase and i'm using Battery as my sampler for the drums....please leave some comments but keep in mind that this is a track in progress.....this track contains samples from the album Nobody Does It Better by The DOC and samples from the movie Hellraiser.
  10. playing with SID

  11. [sold] 4 sid 8580 r5 on sale!!!

    First post of the OT is here in the fleamarket and only gives a link to an ebay o man....
  12. ~SIDDER~ a SID v2 build

    So it's been a loooooooong time since i've touched the SIDDER baby, but got some spare time again so i'm going to continue this build.....finally...;) Anyways another idea came to mind to add some analogue controls on it.....but i have to say that the documentation about this subject is poor.....the information there is i've already read but some questions came up.... So.... Can i only use J5 of the master core? And how about the slave core, can i use J5 of that core as well? Or only just the master? If not do i have to clamp all the inputs of the slave to ground? If I would connect like let's say 5 faders, because only the first 5 inputs are used, 3 are left unused for future purposes and have to be clamped to ground. So fader 1 goes to D0, 2 to D1 etc where does the return wire go? To Vs? I'm just thinking to add 5 jack connections to the case of SIDDER and route these analog control elements outside. Then i can connect whatever i want to them..... And guys it's good to be back. :)
  13. I don't know with which program you designed your frontpanel. For Richard's machine it requires a design made in Coreldraw since this is the program the laser cutter reads. So if you have a design, make it in Coreldraw. Then is just a matter of sending the cdr (extension name from corel) to Richard along with your requirments concerning color scheme. I know Richard is now busy updating the site with all the information you guys need and he is active on this site but he's a busy guy. I'll keep you updated in this thread......
  14. Yeah Richard ownes his own laser cutter....he has a company that does all kinds of promotional stuff and dtp work. Also good for stickers etcetera..... And i don't know if Richard is already active on this forum.....i'll be seeing him next week for my 9090 with MB SEQ so i'll ask him.
  15. red x0xb0x for sale (SOLD)

    OkayOkay the sound wasn't that bad but it just wasn't my thing a midi driven 303.....i just love things with its own fast more portable.......but first i have to complete some other diy before i start building my own x0xb0x....