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  1. ok i find the way mb accent trigger output to ==> tr-808 accent1 in tr-808 accent2 in ==> connected to the gnd !
  2. ok thanks but i'm confused with the accent part on my 808 clone maybe you can help me If I have understood correctly the 808 accent shematics i need 2 triggers for triggering the accent voltage but when i connect 2 triggers i got no sound with only one trigger (accent1 in)i have sound but not accent and the accent pot give a volume control ... do you have an idea of the problem.?
  3. yodabe


    Midibox TWINsid pics BP-PSU pics
  4. on MB-808 Revision 3 Shift Register Pins ==> http://www.eight-oh-eight.org/Rev3/shiftregistersrev3.html
  5. hi, how to change the sr pinout for the accent 1 and 2 ? i need to attribute the accent output to sr 11 pin 0-1 but i see nothing into the setup_808_default.asm about the accent2 ... best regards
  6. maybe : http://midibox.org/forums/gallery/sizes/1464-twinsid-mb-quick-view-hq/large/
  7. yodabe

    TwinSid V1.2

    yeah my twinsid get a little brother :thumbsup: he work fine ?
  8. maybe : http://be.farnell.com/jsp/home/homepage.jsp?CMP=KNC-GBE-FBE-GEN-PFB&s_kwcid=TC|15026|farnell.||S|e|7438125267
  9. yodabe

    SMD 909 Kick

    I want to build one :frantics: to add to my 808 clone ! how to ?
  10. yodabe

    MB AY2

    nice !!! i want one ...
  11. Update my TR808 SEQ to V2

    1. jojjelito


      Sigh, I yearn for the MB808 that will someday be mine.

  12. about sidcolector on ebay : 100% working sid chip! nice shipping very nice communication about the revisions I can also recommend too :thumbsup:
  13. hi how to create a wiki page for my TWINsid ? thx
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