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  1. Din And Dout Extended vesrion

    Hello,   I thinking about LED ring Matrix... If my first ledring at 100 so all 11 LED bright, how can I set the second LED ring to 20 % with two LEDs! With first Ring all catode on, so I switch de second anode all LED bright???
  2. Does this works as the pictur shows:   Just copy/paste not redraw..

    I aborted my order! Wich to continue to lpc 19 rev d or new STM32?

    I can’t find rev d on market just one rev c
  5. Midibox Core For Sale

    Hello, Does anybody have a for saled core bacause my LPC is dead I only can buy rev C what not fit to my pcb. I have four Din/Dout model two Motofader Board But have no core! If sombod know a shop or have an unnecessary core please write me! For me good The STM32 too. I am very bitter!   Regards: Bela
  6. Midibox Core For Sale

    Ucapps have no info on rev c
  7. Midibox Core For Sale

    Ok I bought an rev c, all side legs need to connect? And the end  the hole 19 is free or need to solder somewhere?
  8. Midibox Core For Sale

    And the Bootloader Work as the original?
  9. Midibox Core For Sale

    Somebody tell me Rev C not fit competelly. If its only leg modifications I can do it
  10. I bought everything but need to know what compatible what? Thorsten no be here or I can get him... I have two MF_NG modulet and two different motor pot Can I use it one board? One is 5kOhm other is 10kOhm I need 12 60mm and 2 100mm   Next I bought smashtv a lpc module with kit but don't have The LPCexpressso chip! I find this I know only if not A or B part I need to hack the wireing but it's absolutly campatible with how to on
  11. LPC1769 rev D board how to load bootloader

    Hy This is the rev D? Only this modification I need to use? And bootloader work with this? Thanks

    I expecting your zen years experience...

    Yes I am a millionaire... If not work go to trash and buy other... Fantastic
  14. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    Please read the MA lighting forum! You have a question 10 minutes and get the complete solution for me or other... I’m not a robot engineer but need your project but I can’t do it alone

    Totally no fit or just the end part?
  16. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    I seat at my bed and reading all of ucapps all of forum and wait your or forum answers but nothing! Motor board maybe ok but I have core without brain because now can’t buy the original? My question: what can I do? Answer: what I finded is not fit other no experience! So what can I do now?
  17. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    I have more the 1000 euro in this project, i thing not so much my question, I need help after ten years I was lagging! And the forum somebody write this the other write other I need the workable...
  18. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    Ok it’s diy project but why can do together??? Yours work my is with so many fault..
  19. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    I don’t think you are right! I bought something before ten years after this so many changes! I have time but I think easier if somebody go away that what I stopped, simple write her/him experience! I have 3 different board with so many question but no answer! I am so many forum and if I have answer don’t sorry the time and share my experience... We are different it’s ok but I have 3 topic and 2 half answer is not to much! I have tour and I would like to proceed but not help for experied pepople! It so strong to write 2 rows about my questions?

    Please somebody tell me C or D???
  21. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    And thank your answers I’m really gratefull ;) This forum a bit died...
  22. Guys Please Help Me To Start

    And in software set the two pot same?

    Or buy this D because it’s better than C?

    Other size is same?