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  1. MBBLM schematics and PCB discussions

    Woohoo! Lookin good! :)
  2. mbSEQ panels by julianf

    Thats a great idea Altitude! Thanks! I'm the one who suggested alternative parts. An equivalent of the parts Julian linked to should be available from almost any electronic parts supplier, so I think its the best option for everyone.
  3. Lasercut Acrylic Case+ Frontpanel for SEQv4

    Yo! I added a few holes for the Quad IIC Midi Module! Would be nice if someone could confirm that I haven't made some super stupid mistake ;) seq_enclosure_2012_quadiic.svg.zip
  4. USB GM5 under linux

    Double check all the Soldering around output 1. I guess theres a connection problem somewhere, and the OSX driver is just a bit more ..lets say tolerant. The grounding thing sounds a little far fetched. My GM5x5x5s don't have cases at all :)
  5. USB GM5 under linux

    Hmm thats strange. What kind of software are you using? Maybe test in a very simple command line environment with aplaymidi or something and see if it still occurs?
  6. Ghetto SEQ4L

    From the album flip

    Ghetto style MBSEQ4L in cardboard case :)
  7. Ghetto SEQ4L

    From the album flip

    Ghetto style MBSEQ4L in cardboard case :)
  8. Cool! Congrats! :) You don't need apache for SVN. You should remove the package, afaik Ubuntu starts daemons automatically as soon as you install a package, and you really don't want to have a web server running on your computer all the time ;)
  9. Download an SVN client for your operating system and read the manual. It's not that complicated.
  10. Do you use a fan in your MB-6582?

    I have a fan inside, but its unplugged because its too noisy in the audio output. My SIDs have passive clip on heatsinks, but I don't think they are really necessary...
  11. USB GM5 under linux

    Cool! Lets hope its fixed now! :)
  12. USB GM5 under linux

    Hi there. I've been using 2 GM5x5x5's with several Linux distributions (mostly Debian and Arch) for a long time now and never had any problems. Really just plug and play and worked 100%, running for days... Sorry if thats not much help for you :/
  13. Was it really necessary to reseurrect this thread? *barf*