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  1. [S] 8580 and 6581 SID's up for sale

    I would really like to recommend this guy! The chips looks like new, no bent pins or solder residue and he test each chip thoroughly before sending it to you. Neatly packaged in conductive foam, anti-static bag and padded envelope, fast delivery too!   //Pleased costumer
  2. Sn60Pb40

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jojjelito


      No way Jose to lead-free solder. Too messy/high temp for home use! 6040 it is :D

    3. Hawkeye


      yeah - it does not flow as nicely and oxidates - can understand why 6040 is en vouge :)

    4. latigid on

      latigid on

      But 6040 leaves no room for flux!

  3. WHEN I CAN HAZ sammichFM?

  4. sure can wait a few more days.

  5. sammichSID Prototype

    How about white matte?