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  1. Midibox Drum Sequencer

    Hi there, It is triggered with a combination of a trigger and an accent. Thorsten changed the firmware so it can provide individual accent levels for each instrument, like the 909. So the sequencer can handle velocity. As for pcbs I kind of lost my way with this project. I was going to make a few pcbs and make a project out of it but life and other similar looking projects kind of dimmed my motivation to do that. I have eagle files for the pcb if you want them. The firmware obviously here somewhere too. Best Al  
  2. AOUT + Line Driver HELP needed, no CV

    Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I somehow fried my Stm32 chip, it was getting very hot and not responding to MIOS. Not to bothered as now I can upgrade my Core module! Will report back once back up and running.
  3. Help with MB808 assembly

    I found the schematics and board files. Tried attaching the zip file but keeps on failing . Send me your email address and I'll send them to you.
  4. Help with MB808 assembly

    I found this in my old files. Maybe able to dig out the sch/brd files MB-808_Manual_Beta.pdf
  5. AOUT + Line Driver HELP needed, no CV

    Hi there, did you get the problen fixed? I am having the same issue with my Seq4 Aout setup. Gstes, triggers, clocks but no CV... Thanks!
  6. Midibox Drum Sequencer

    Here is a clip of the Midibox drum Sequencer driving a TR-9090. I have one issue. When in Live mode  most of the drums do not trigger manually. I have a feeling it is because velocity is not being sent as well. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Thanks!  
  7. SID 2 faceplate

    Hi, yeah, sure. I will dig it out when I get back to the US in about 2 weeks. Please remind me then if I don't get back to you!@ Cheers Al
  8. Hi there, totally new to all this scripting stuff. I'm probably posting in the wrong area, but not sure if I'm dealing with C or what. I think it is DOS, but really not sure. So sorry for my naivety in this area. Anyway, I am trying to change the frequency of my MBFM to deal with 16M rather than 14.31M. There is a perl script in the UTILS folder of the MBFM firmware release. I have dabbled with the script to deal with a frequency factor of 5555.5 (which I think is correct for 16M) So now I am just trying to generate a frequency table that I can use to replace the table in the freq_table.inc file. Hope that makes sense. This is where I am stuck. I run the perl utility, it scrolls though the frequencies, but I can't figure out how to save the info that the script is creating. Thanks in advance Al
  9. SammichFM ...no sound

    Hi there, I'm building a MBFM using a sammichFM base board. Voltage tests passed and have discovered no shorts...as of yet! The firmware is running fine. However I'm getting no sound at all. I'm thinking the problem may be that the 14.31 crystal I am using is one pulled from an old Commodore 64. It has 2 legs with a 3rd ground leg. Looking at the board I'm seeing only 3 of the 4 possible pads are being used. However I think what I'm using is a crystal rather than an oscillator. Is this probably my mistake? Thanks in advance Al
  10. Finally 100% finished

    Wow! Very nice. Unfortunately I this trumps my SID for SID of the week!
  11. My finished SID 2

    Cheers! I had the aluminium anodized, so just used white epoxy based ink.
  12. My finished SID 2

    Thanks, for I've labelled it sync, I think that is the one your talking about, so I suppose I will have gto get it to sync something...haven't really thought about it yet. What are you thinking of doin with it? Cheers Al
  13. My finished SID 2

    Here is my sid. It has Wilba's base pcb and a heck of a lot of wiring for the control surface! Cheers to grizz for the knobs!
  14. MB-6582 modulation matrix problem

    Oh, doh!
  15. Hello all, I am testing an MB-6582 with a home brew control surface. The problem I have is with the mod matrix. When selecting a source and target the leds work correctly as does the actual routing. The problem is that the target is not updated in the LCD. It stays with ---. The source is updated though as is the actual routing and led behaviour. So I'm confused. Any ideas? Cheers Al