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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    No, your design is good, as long as the notes can be different in Seq1 and Seq2, that's great. Triggering both always together is even better. Having a few more "shift" buttons would be interesting for future extensions, I was thinking of 5 buttons, one center button, around it four arrow buttons in each direction: up, down, right, left. Then you could use those, in all kind of combinations to access even more (future) functionality, e.g. various pattern saving/loading/changing functionality.
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    Does this mean the notes in Seq1 and Seq2 HAVE TO be always the same, currently?
  3. MIDIbox SEQ V4Lite

    I have a question regarding midi channel information while switching patterns: Imagine A1 and A2 are playing. A1 is set to midi channel 1, A2 to midi channel 2. You also saved previously A3 which was set to midi channel 3 and A4 which was set to midi channel 4. Now is it possible to switch the playback from A1+A2 to A3+A4? If you would setup your synthesizers in such a way, each using a different midi channel, you could use/trigger even 16 different synthesizers, all from a single mb seq v4l, of course only 2 at once at maximum. Is everything above possible?
  4. Looks cool your controller. How are you using it with Live, I mean how does yout Live template look like and what signals are your controller sending to Live, have you any midi event descriptions anywhere? I am mainly wondering how well or unwell it is possible to develop Live templates, using version numbers, reaching quite complex worlds like RS7000 or Electribe MX features. The problem with Live templates is you can not simply export your midi mappings and import into another empty project/template, thus it is not easy to combine midi mapping features from different projects. So you usually end up having some features here in a project A, some other features there in another project B. Best would be to be able to start with an empty project C, then saying import all midi mappings from A and B, then continuing in C. Later you could go to a project D and import all midi mappings from C. How are you dealing with such situations?