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  1. I'm looking for a couple midiboxers who use Ableton Live and have an iPad. Currently, all my app does is trigger clips and do a few other functions (mute, solo, arm, loop clips) over network MIDI (using an excellent network MIDI library maintained by our own Kurt Arnlund). But I'm adding more features, such as automatic hardware remapping. It'll kind of work like the APC-40, except you could build your own midiboxes or controllers you've bought and automap them in a few ways using the app as an interface for it. You also won't be limited to a single controller, as any combination of contro
  2. I'll try it later tonight and let you know what happens. The .hex itself is what you upload to the core. ultra
  3. I'm kinda new to Mac and I haven't used xcode as anything but a basic editor. I have programmer's status, but my understanding of the toolchain isn't the greatest so I just follow the wiki instructions. ultra
  4. plz do! i'm using xcode and make -s from the terminal. i'd love to see my errors highlighted among all those warnings that i ignore for now and will get to fixing later. :P ultra
  5. still working on "midibox live" after 4 years. i'd have more done if i wasn't working so much. learning a lot more about c.

    1. ultra


      i do, however, have quite a bit done. the pieces are in place. :)

  6. i've looked at their buttons before for one of my projects, but the button/spacer layouts aren't correct for me. it's an ableton live controller so i thought soft buttons would be cool, but i always return to the tact switch and led configuration. it's cheap and easy and works fine. i never noticed that the brain is $189. seems expensive compared the price of an LPC17.
  7. graduating college this week. my degree is 'electronics and computer engineering', and i wouldn't have taken interest in it if it wasn't for midibox.

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    2. Hawkeye


      Congrats, man :) Sounds great!

    3. Lamouette


      congrats ! really nice !

    4. albpower2seq4sid


      Congratulations!! Good luck to find a great job!!

  8. ultra

    ENC CS8 Board

    let's see it lit up!
  9. ultra

    IMG 20120418 092459

    they seem to be. i havent done much with the full screen yet.
  10. that awkward moment when i realize I've coded a debug msg into something called by app_background

    1. jojjelito


      Haha, that can get cute fast...

  11. the best way to figure out how to do something you don't know how to do is spend money on it.

    1. nILS


      ...not true for women.

    2. Hawkeye


      but you may get a little bit further this way :)

  12. ultra

    IMG 20120418 092459

    check over at the forum for the post im about to write ;)
  13. ultra

    IMG 20120418 092459

    i should add that this driver is unfortunately not for general use. im having some trouble making it open and also making it serve my needs. i also think that with a glcd, its difficult to do anything thats general use because it could do so many things. theres definitely a general structure to it that can easily be reused. perhaps ill make some skeleton app.
  14. ultra

    MIDIbox Live

    my ableton live control surfaces.
  15. people i know personally always ask me "how do you know all this stuff about computers and electronics?" when i come to this forum, i ask myself the same thing about you guys.

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    2. technobreath


      Yes, it's amazing. But there's a lot of shit out there too. Luckily this forum has about as close as u get to zero of that crap.

    3. Hawkeye


      could not agree more with all of you :)

    4. Shuriken
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