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  1. beltram re-mastered

    coool! :smile:
  2. Funky Patch Bank

    HI!   I can't upload funkybank into my MBFM with electron C6. (even with 500ms delay time). Patch names is showing on display, but program number is always the same.   I can upload "GM" bank with same program without any problem.   Anybody can help?   Best regards, IGI   OH!!! Patches is stored in bank C :smile: And they are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thanks, IGI

    WOA!!!   That's great news! Now I have to take my Dark matter from dust :)    Best regards, IGI
  4. HI!    Some pictures from inside MBAY:     No, I didn't change program for 20x4 lcd. Just change lcd type from 4x16 to 4x20 in setup.     Best regards, IGI
  5. Ctrlr based Editor for MBFM

    HI!   Works great!  :rolleyes:   Thank you and Best regards, IGI
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    HI!   Thanks for new version, but my MBSEQv4 (lpc core) show that last version is 4.068. I think it is V4.69 (because there is session delete option in main menu), but just checking. MIOS studio also showing V4.68.   Another question: Is there a way to change shortcut MENU+SYSEX to shortcut for Euclidean Rhythm Generator?(for dummies :)     Thanks and Best regards, IGI
  7. pic burner needed

    Hi! I'm from Slovenia, so send me PM if you want PIC with bootloader! :thumbsup: Best Ragards, IGI
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    HI! This Euclidean Rhythm Generator it's great! :frantics: Thanks and Best Regards, IGI
  9. swinSID Nano / SID replacement

    HI! Here is: http://www.forum64.de/wbb3/board65-neue-hardware/board288-sid-co/board294-swinsid/36481-swinsid-atmega88/ Best regards,IGI
  10. Hi! I'm using all 4 tracks for one drum pattern. For example: Trk1: BD Trk2: hihats Trk3: snare Trk4: percussion I like this way for simpler muting/unmuting. :thumbsup: Best Regards, IGI
  11. [Fixed] Hard Fault PC=0x0003199c

    Hi! I have no such problem with latest firmware (LPC core, V4.058)anymore, but on earlier versions was a lot problems with "hard faults". Latest version works great by my side. Best Regards, IGI

    HI! Same problem also with V2_040 and AoutLC. Best regards, IGI :huh:
  13. setup V2_040

    O! Thank you! Best regards, IGI Works! :thumbsup: Thanx again.
  14. setup V2_040

    Hi all! I have problem with compiling midibox SID V2 setup. Problem is just with V2_040, no trouble with earlier versions. look's like this: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] © Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:\Documents and Settings\Igor>cd c:\mios\midibox_sid_v2_040 C:\mios\midibox_sid_v2_040>make rm -rf *.cod *.lst *.err rm -rf *.hex gpasm -p p18f4685 -I./src -I ./include/asm -I ./include/share -I ./modules/j5_ io -I ./modules/aout setup_6581.asm src/main.inc:25:Warning [209] Missing quote. src/main.inc:25:Error [103] syntax error ./include/asm\macros.h:188:Error [113] Symbol not previously defined (MBSID_VERS ION_STR). make: *** [setup_6581.hex] Error 1 C:\mios\midibox_sid_v2_040> Thanx in advance and Best Regards, IGI
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    HI! Works's great! :thumbsup: ,but.... ....a lot to learn (again)!!! Thanks TK, just great :flowers: Best regards, IGI