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  1. [B] AIN R4 module

    Found the PCB...
  2. [B] AIN R4 module

    Hello Lars, maybe I have somewhere an AINX4 V2 PCB made by myself ~10yrs ago, but never used up as only one PCB was used up in my controller. (final function is the same as AIN R4 module, just it’s 1sided PCB and with single header connections) As I remember, the PCB is not yet drilled out, just the copper traces are on it, so you need to do all the job before you can use it. I can offer you this for the post fee. Interested?     Cheers, Akos
  3. Exactly this was what I was looking for :-) I needed to play a bit to find the way to get the values centered, but finally works as it planned. So the actual data from the related lines are in the NGC file now: type:Pitchbend     range=map1 MAP1/HWORDI   0:16383     4095:0     4095: 16383 This setup gives values from 8192 to -8192 with the chosen resolution. I have chosen 11 bit, in Traktor this gives great resolution to the pitch fader, like in case of any best known CDJ :-) Now I need to eliminate the jitter somehow. (I tried the setup on breadboard, and just wired up everything in village style...) As advised on ucapps site, better wiring, shielded cables, and maybe external PSU will solve this. Many thanks for your help FantomXR!
  4. Tried to make something understandable, see the pictures. I made also trial with type=NRPN, range=0:511, then from centre pot position the pitch fader works 2x the whole pitch range when CCW turning, and the same when CW turning (fader jumps when range is ended) Resolution is still coarse. Many thanks for your reply FantomXR.
  5. Hello Guys!  I read multiple topics here but I did not find answer exactly to that issue what I have and want to solve. I made a Midibox NG with STM32F4, Ainser64, DINs, etc. I found how to configure buttons and encoder behaviour, all is working great, but I am stucked with potentiometers, especially how to setup higher resolution and get the correct midi output what Traktor Pro can ‘’eat’’. In NGC file I made resolution=9..10..11 bit, range=0:511, 0:1023, 0:2047, depending on the bit depth setup, but all I got as midi signal is that the former 0...127 range (this was the range in 7 bit from CCW to full CW potentiometer turn) is divided multiple times to 0...127, 0...127, etc. ranges. I tried NRPN and Pitchbend type too, but no success. Am I doing sthg wrong, or MB NG is not supporting this in that way how I am thinking?  I would to control Traktor Pro pitch fader with a higher resolution, and with the mentioned ‘’divided’’ range, the pitch fader is not becoming more fine, and jumping back when CC changes from 127 to the next 0..127 range.   I am not sure that I wrote it correctly what I want, but hopefully understandable. I would have in a +/- xy % pitch range the finest resolution which is possible to achieve with MB NG and works well with Traktor Pro. Traktor is reacting to CC message, and 7bit resolution gives 64-64 steps from center to negative and to positive pitch range. This coarse resolution I would like to change to more fine steps.  It reacts to NRPN and Pitchbend messages too, but I could not achieve the same behaviour with higher resolution, like when CC is sent (xy steps in both directions from the center) Is it possible to do the a.m higher resolution fader steps with MB NG with CC, or NRPN, or Pitchbend event?  Many thanks for all of you for further help. Akos
  6. Hello Thorsten, the small resistor in series with the +5V not worked, because the core module did not boot in. All leds are lighting, and nothing happens. But I realized a big mistake what I made... As I mentioned I soldered out the voltage regulator, and because of this the buffer capacitor C5 on the core module wasn't in contact with the power line... So the filtering was not appropriate. Now I cutted the + line which comes from the bridge rectifier, and I put a bridge between the VREG in and out points. Now everything works fine, random events could not be observed. Anyway, thanks for your help :-)
  7. Thanks Thorsten for your quick answer! I'll try it tomorrow, and write here the result. Thank you once more :-)
  8. Hello to All! I hope that some of you have experience regarding this issue, which I am facing with at the moment. I built a midibox64 with 1 core 8, 1AIN, 2DINs, 1DOUT, and a PIC USB module. First I built into the core module the 7805 voltage regulator, everything worked fine. Now I soldered out the 7805 from the module to try the whole system's working from my laptop's USB power. It is working, but in some cases random midi events are sent. I placed 100nF capacitors near to all shift registers on AIN, DIN, DOUT modules, and to the power input of the USB module. What I already tried: - replace the USB cable to a good quality shielded cable >>> less random event, but still occurrs - disconnect the laptop's PSU >>> it had no influence to this - disconnect the mouse, and using only the touchpad on the laptop >>> sporadic random events still occurred I suspect some noise on the USB power. All integrated circuit have its own capacitor, so I have no other idea what else should I do. Can somebody help me to solve this? Thank you in advance for everyone!