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  1. I'd like to be added to the list for the next batch for one of these cases if possible please.
  2. Hi Wilba Thanks for the reply, sorry for my late response. I posted then had to move house so have no internet access at the moment. I will have a look at your suggestions. Sorry to be ignorant, but how would I go about checking orientation of resistor networks ? I'm fairly new to electronics. Office is in dissaray so won't be able to look at for a while unfourtunately. Thanks again Tim
  3. Hi, After a lengthy hiatus I've got round to finishing the construction of my mb6582 and have a few problems. I have 6 sids plugged in, 2 each into cores 1, 2 & 3. I have uploaded mb6582 hex directly to them all by switching jumper on J11 (had a problem cloning but this is now working fine). I can get sound out of the 3 SID outputs. After going to the manual to learn how to play it, it doesn't seem to be acting right which either means I'm not using it right or it needs troubleshooting. When i boot up I get E002|PInt Ld Chn.1 Sid 1|Lead Patch. This looks fine. Then when I press the various 5 buttons following the manual I get odd results. Pressing the left button to get to ensemble root takes me to a screen with Envelope E1 Settings & switches the SID engine to sid 4. I press the menu and it takes me to the Lead Engine page, but when I choose any of the options it seems to take me to places which don't match up. I press menu again and it takes me back to the main page. I think I have some bad wiring somewhere but have no clue where to start to look. Many other seemingly odd things happen when I press certain buttons. Can anyone offer some hints on where to start to look to troubleshoot. I am a novice at electronics by the way and completely new to using midibox/mios/mbsid, hence my poor description of the problem. I would be very grateful for any help at all as I am a bit flummoxed. Thanks Tim
  4. Thanks guys, changing the master PIC worked. I've got lots of LED's flashing & the encoders and switches work. Next step is to read the manual. Cheers Tim
  5. Hi Wilba, thanks for the quick response. The PIC's are from Smashtv so preloaded. I assumed that the master PIC would be the first one I connected to which is the one on the right. I guess I might have got them mixed up. I have removed all the other PIC's now to simplicy, I will check it is the master this evening. Thanks again, Tim
  6. Hello, After a long gestation period, my mb6582 is nearing completion (i hope). It is using PCB option 2, I have finished the base PCB, tested all voltages, connected the lcd screen, uploaded the mb6582 app, and everything seemed to be working. After having soldered all the parts in the CS, inserting the PIC's, 1 of the sid module chips, all the 74HC595 & 74HC165 chips and plugging it in, when I turn on, I get a screen saying "CS not enabled". I have tested the links between the base and CS, which are all fine, then tested adjacent links and found 1 short on JD2 between D1 & D2 that seemed to be fixed by cleaning up one the joints and the joints on R32, but I still get the same response on the LCD. I'm a bit of a novice at this type of thing and at this point I'm not sure where to go to troubleshoot. It's also possible that I've missed a step, I was expecting the CS to be detected and work. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tim
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