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  1. hey guys, i am planning on getting some midibox pcbs done, mostly cause i need them myself but i might just do a slightly bigger run and make them available to the community at cost.   mostly i am looking to do a version of @Fairlightiii's rotary encoder / led ring board: 4x2 encoders seems fine, as discussed here but i really want to do a 4x1 version instead, to keep it more modular for different configurations. now here's the thing. by now i got back into electronics enough that i can (barely) assemble the simpler ones of my diy kits. yeah i understand a resistor. but designing/altering a circuit would eat up way too much time for me. so here's my request:   is there anybody anybody willing and able ont his board to help me change/reconstruct a proper 4x1 midibox-compliant pcb circuit based on this info?   i am also thinking about getting the CORE and DIN/DOUT modules done, especially for easier EU availability. but those are somewhat available through modular addict so i am talking to him too to see what makes sense. based on the first cost estimeate i got from china i think i might want to produce the ENC/LED modules FULLY ASSEMBLED, with smd leds and all circuitry, but without the encoders. also in the end i will try to have them done in china and work with local EU producers instead, depending on the financial overhead of that.   once i have the circuit design settled i will msot likey also start a bulk buy thing here.
  2. Current status is:   I received permission from Wilba to use his frontpanel design.I'm in contact with Roelli figuring out the right approach to this bulk.Haven't contacted Heidenreich yet, in a week I know more.  The measurements of the shipping box are 590 x 290 x 140 mm, so either shipping with:DHL Päckchen bis 2 kg International mit Service Nachweis 17.90€ (only tracking, no insurance, 35€ damage refund) CN22 custom formor DHL Paket bis 5 kg International 16.99€ - 42.99€ (full insurance with tracking) CN23 custom form case comes with blank back panel, rubber feet, uniform color black (~ 75€-90€)front panel costs: with 2 LCD windows at (~ 170€, Roelli mentioned a 20-30% discount compared to Schaeffer)front panel costs: with 2 LCD windows at Schaeffer (184€ + 2 x 20,42€ excl. shipping and verifying against the CS PCB)uniform front panel design for reduced complexity (holes for screws, colored engraving, see pics)handling fee (~ 15€ gas, package, time)PayPal conversion fees: € -> € 1.9%; other currencies -> €: 5.5% on my end priceno milled back panel, only a blank one for your own design (a milled can be later purchased from Roelli with a 30% discount compared to Schaeffer)no breakout board for the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4 PCB is needed, SmashTV's MIDI_I/O Module PCB will do the job. Ethernet via MBHP_ETH.breakout board for the MBHP_CORE_LPC17 PCB is needed (either design your own or join/create a bulk for a PCB)
  3. Hi guys   Summer is over, time for more indoor activities.   The continuation of the following, popular BOs:   The beta Wiki page can be found here:   I may revise some of the details but the bulk order starts October 31st 2013   Also check out the new iDK16 in milky colour.   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  4. Hi guys, new round!   The continuation of the January BO:   Find all the ordering detail here in the Wiki:   And if you need a 19x TRANS/clear kit for a MB6582 quickly, check out:   The BO starts March 21st and will end on April 7th.   Best   Martin aka kristal=
  5. Hi,   This does not belong directly to the MIOS, but I haven't found a better sub-forum for my question...   I'm trying to learn a lot of the low level stuff associated with MIDI right now. Mostly about USB connection. The svn repo is pretty good for it. I learned a lot of it already... I'm thinking about implementing myself(for learning purposes) a MIDI-USB connection with my STM32f4 dev board. I'm planning to use an ULPI PHY for HiSpeed Connction to achieve lowest latencies(8 times lower latency than FS). I think the Interrupt transfer method should be the best fit for it, since it has guaranteed latency. But now I saw in the svn repo that the MIDI-USB endpoint descriptor uses only bulk as transfer method.    Is this just for the compability issue or is it a wrong idea to use the interrupt transfer method, to achieve lowest latencies?   Ah just for record, I'm a pretty fussy drummer regarding latencies, since I hear/feel a small difference between 5ms and 10ms(measured and compared by ear...).     Best Regards Philipp
  6. Hi guys   I set up a new bulk order page for those interested in the ALBS Waldorf knobs or the DK38 knob for the SEQ4:   It's designed to run like the ALBS Waldorf knobs bulk order September 2012, hopefully even smoother  :queen:  -   The BO starts January 6th and will end on February 3th.   Ideas and bug reports are welcome!   Best   Martin aka kristal=