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  1. A slightly different Control Surface

    Thanks guys, that clarified a lot. I think I have figured out how to wire the 64 switches, but there's still one thing unclear: beneath the 4 rows of GP LED connections (in the attached JPEG) there is 4 rows of what seem to be duplicates of the key names, I assume these are the LEDs fitting those keys. I intend to use separate modules rather than building a PCB like Wilba's wich includes all of them since I'm quite the newbie at this. Does the "<i>* indicates connection to an alternate resistor connected to 74HC595 output pin</i>" mean there should be a different resistor than 'standard' on a DOUT module? I've also attached my 'simple' version of the schematic, this is how I now figure the key wiring should be. Have I connected the diodes correctly? (I find it too hard to tell from Wilba's PCB PDF) Thanks for the hints and tips so far! ----- EDIT: accidentally there's 4 rows of bicolour LEDs in the wiringTest.JPG, this should be 2, obviously. EDIT2: I found http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=mb-6582:mb-6582_cs_din_wiring.pdf, wich clarifies the diode question.
  2. A slightly different Control Surface

    Thanks Findbuddha, after what you told me I found this. If I understand correctly (I am completely new to this subject) all encoders are wired to DOUT pin 0 and two DIN pins, and a bunch of buttons are connected to DIN Unit 2 and various DOUT pins via a diode(or is this diode set between the DIN and the button?) Also, I don't understand the use of Unit 8 (DOUT)yet, but I'll have a go at that tomorrow.
  3. A slightly different Control Surface

    Hi, me again. I'm trying to figure out the wiring for all of the keys, and I'm running into some difficulties. I don't really understand the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file, but I think I can manage the pin assignments if I take a closer look at it. However, can someone tell me what the mentioned '8x8 BLM from Wilba's frontpanel' is? I don't see a BLM on the frontpanel, at least not one like the 16x16+X BLM. Are these the keys that have LEDs next to them? oh, and for those like me who like images, another render just for the heck of it ;-)
  4. Conrad gewinnen

    I think this qualifies as a ROFLCOPTER. nice find :")
  5. Exploded case

    From the album .CID's Fiddlings

    An exploded view with toony borders for viewing pleasure : ) And for detail of course.
  6. First case design

    From the album .CID's Fiddlings

    Wooden sides, front & bottom & back pieces MDF(?). Top is angled 10 degrees towards the front, back panel likewise(see detail).
  7. A few modifications later..

    From the album .CID's Fiddlings

    The 2D layout, with the two 'unused' keys removed and some layout changes.
  8. The last design

    From the album .CID's Fiddlings

    Now with all keys included, but still doubting about the layout of the layer/layer group keys.
  9. First key layout

    From the album .CID's Fiddlings

    But accidentally it was for a SEQ v2/V3 and missing the V4 buttons..
  10. A slightly different Control Surface

    Ah, thanks. I'll edit my layout to fit that : ) *10 minutes later* There we go! I also buried the datawheel a bit deeper to get some better access to the moved buttons. I might bury the encoders a bit deeper for some better viewing of the LCDs. Now to find a function for those two extra buttons ;-)
  11. A slightly different Control Surface

    I tried to combine the "MENU+.." buttons so they should be easily accessible, I'm glad someone with more experience thinks it works. Wich ones would that be?
  12. A slightly different Control Surface

    I included Hawkeye's comments, but since I don't know the SEQ that well I may have mistaken some functions. Comments please : )
  13. A slightly different Control Surface

    thanks for the tips! as for the buttons:I had the ones from the attached PDF in mind while making the 3d model, but I found out they can't be used with PCB switches (only with €1+ other ones). I'm now trying to find matching caps for https://www.distrelec.com/ishop/Datasheets/03565306.pdf or the similar ones from Conrad( http://www2.conrad.nl/goto.php?artikel=700622 ), but although the PDF form Conrad says 12.4x12.4 mm caps for the switches exist I can't find anyone selling them yet. *** EDIT *** I've finally found a website selling both square caps and switches that suit them =D I'll be going with this switch and this cap. Since they're 12x12mm instead of 14mm I'll be having a bit more space to mess around with : ) 5AC5-2,5AC52,,Cap black,Pla..pdf
  14. Hey all, being an IDE student, I'd like to come up with my own control surface rather then build one someone else thought of. I know, it's stubborn and maybe not the best idea, but I'd like to give it a try nonetheless ;-) This is what I've come up with. It's -heavily- based on the TK/Wilba layout, but with differnt buttons and caps. I'd also like it to be symmetrical because I think that looks great. The only problem is, that I've never used a sequencer before (just some softsynths) and therefore have no idea whether this layout is comfortable while playing. What do you think? Also a 3d render of the entire thing to clarify what you're looking at: Kind regards, .CID ***EDIT*** I just noticed I based this on the v2/v3 button layout rather than the v4 button layout, so I'm missing a few keys. Still, comments are uch appreciated!