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  1. I am trying to format the built-in SD-Card from my SeqV4 via MIOS Terminal (sdcard_format), but as soon as I type it in incl. the "Password", the Sequencer seems to crash (it doesn't react to keypresses anymore etc.)  
  2. giving away my old sequencer 2 (not working)

    I'd love to take care of it! Email sent!
  3. @westlicht Thanks! Yes, it's true that handling more than 1 BLM could present a problem, but I imagine it would be possible to daisy-chain them and add some firmware mods to allow for that (or use STM32F4 core, which allows for USB Host, so the LP can be attached via USB).
  4. I am looking for either completed Sequencer or only assembled CS for the MBSEQv4. The MBSEQ I've built 4 years ago has not survived my move. Price: Make me an offer. Thank you!
  5. I am looking for either completed or only assembled CS for the MBSEQv4. The MBSEQ I've built 4 years ago has not survived my move. Price: Make me an offer. Thank you!
  6. Here is an initial version including source code (still very messy, but works). Any extra contributions and comments greatly appreciated! Source Snapshot: SysEx Firmware Update: launchpad_blm.syx
  7. Haha thanks ;) I will do some code cleanup and then I will release my stuff as open source. One of the reasons that I did it was actually because the out-of-the-box functionality of the launchpad was not so useful for me.
  8. This uses the "SDK" from the first post, which contains a proprietary library for the Hardware Abstraction Layer. I re-implemented most of the things from scratch. For the first prototype I borrowed the SysEx state machine from MIOS.
  9. Video of the success:     @Admin: Can someone move this maybe to the BLM category if its more appropriate?
  10. Hello, Some time ago Novation has partially* open-sourced their LaunchPad Pro Source Code. The Device contains a STM32F103, has 8x8 Pads with Aftertouch and Velocity Sensitivity, DIN MIDI IN/OUT, USB-MIDI and 32 General Purpose Buttons. I always loved the MidiBox Sequencer V4 and built my first just after it got released. I never built a BLM, though, but played around with the Emulated version, which I liked! Now my Idea: Implementing the BLM Firmware on the LaunchPad Pro and connect it via DIN-MIDI/USB-Host to the SEQv4 as a Standalone device without the need for a PC as BLM-Launchpad-Proxy. My question is now, if I have to look into the source code of the PIC based BLM or if there is any protocol reference for the BLM protocol? I guess maybe looking at the Lemur BLM Code would make sense? * - Contains proprietary HAL   UPDATE: Success! BLM-compatible firmware based on the Launchpad Pro template working. Still has some weird bugs, which look to me a bit like memory corruption or maybe OOM. Anyone wants to help? 
  11. Porting MIOS32 to STM32F3 (Work in Progress)

    My Progress so far (and I'm stuck):   declare -x MIOS32_BOARD="STM32F3DISCOVERY" declare -x MIOS32_FAMILY="STM32F30x" declare -x MIOS32_GCC_PREFIX="arm-none-eabi" declare -x MIOS32_LCD="universal" declare -x MIOS32_PATH="/home/wrk/src/mios32/trunk" declare -x MIOS32_PROCESSOR="STM32F303"   and my patches:   @Tk: Maybe you could take a quick look? Initialization code, peripheral drivers etc. are included.   Cheers
  12. Hi there,   What's the best procedure for porting MIOS32 from the STM32F4 to the STM32F3? CMSIS is available for the F3 and I think the initialization code could be adapter easily.   Please point me in the right direction :smile:   Thanks Syl
  13. LPC17 Seq V4 - OSC Not Functional

    Ther interesting thing is now: Lemur connected finally, but still no packets visible. Pressing "Start" on the Virtual BLM also doesn't trigger anything.
  14. LPC17 Seq V4 - OSC Not Functional

    I've checked the routing and networking is really not the problem in this case. ICMP packets (ping) does nicely, TCP/IP too. I tried using port 10001 as Local Port and 10000 as Remote Port, but this didn't fix the problem that there is no OSC incoming / outgoing from the LPC17 core.
  15. LPC17 Seq V4 - OSC Not Functional

    Hello,   I have been testing OSC on the LPC17 Core and even with udpmon set to 4, I cannot see any incoming or outgoing messages.   What I tried so far:   I set network to dhcp   set osc_remote 3 set osc_local_port 3 8000 set osc_remote_port 3 8000 set osc_mode 3 1 set blm_port OSC3   and start BLM Emulator for OSX. No success. Also no success with Lemur.   I can verify that there is no packet filtering in my local network - UDP should pass without any issues.   Also what BLM Emulator does: it crashes after a delay of 5s after clicking on the connect button.