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  1. I am sorry for the troubles. The new design is very pleasant!
  2. I know the problem ... Other topic: If you are looking for someone to take care of the (http://midibox.org/) wordpress-blog (keep it up to date and add an article from time to time): Let me know. I don't think the traffic numbers are significant there, but it's a good way to get things out of the facebook/youtube-filter bubble and support some midibox projects.
  3. Older images in the gallery are no longer displayed. (Closeup) Thumpnail view works. At least with my galleries I was able to get the server to regenerate the view by editing the images. (rotate right, rotate left.
  4. 6 years of construction ... (With some breaks) Thanks to Thorsten Klose! I am now ready to build the BLM matrix. Definitely the kit.
  5. mfk

    Display V4+

    I think I need a new display. Do you know an cheap offer? (if possible from Germany) I bought these on Ebay years ago for € 6. ... Now I can only find one for € 226.23 or ~ € 29 ... Green is great for me. I don't need blue and white ...Acrylic should not be cleaned with isopropanol. I also need a new panel, but that's another topic.
  6. I discovered this video today and tried to recreate it because it sounds so good.There is a fixed beat. The elements in it shift depending on each other. (exponential?)Perhaps that would be nice as a built-in midi effect with adjustable parameters.... just a quarantine idea (especially from minute 2:29)
  7. mfk


    When I look at the amount of smd-components, that's what scares people.... ;-) Are the old PCBs actually still available? I like the new design, even if I think a few more buttons would be more practical. But even with my hobby skills, I don't dare to take on the new project. I should just do it ...
  8. Endlich! https://www.amazona.de/test-midiphy-midibox-seq-v4-diy-sequencer/
  9. Its possible to add a midi-resync for inividual Midi-Outs without restart the whole midibox? (like http://www.audiowerkstatt.de/de/midi-restarter-v2) I use the Midibox Seq as Masterclock. Sometimes slaves need to be stopped to load a new projet (digitakt, electribe). It would be nice to restart a slave synchronized without restarting anything else. Sorry, after RTFM I found the function...
  10. adjustable midi clock divider and splitter to chain 2 or more 16-Step-Volcas or other gear example: while MIDI START { begin for a := Step 1 to Step X do RUN 1/2*(Midi Clock) ON IIC1, Channel 1 end begin for a := Step 1 to Step X do RUN 1/3*(Midi Clock) ON IIC2, Channel 5 end } And the ability to translate midi information on the fly. (Volume ---> panorama or pitch band) And transposing on the fly -> C major to F minor
  11. That's a perfect solution! Thanks!
  12. It's possible to re-sync the midi-clock for different Midi-Outs while running without hitting Stop/Start? (Like "Synchronizing MUTE to Measure" ---> "Synchronizing USB1/.../OUT1/.../IIC4 to Measure")
  13. I use https://www.pollin.de/p/usb-2-0-hub-logilink-ua0148-7-port-metall-722524
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