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  1. latigid on, have you completed your build yet? I'm very interested!
  2. SEQ's max CV I/O capability?

    Heyo! After lots of thinking, I've decided to build a SEQ to become the navigation system for my spaceship. I've become hopelessly addicted to modular, and am curious if someone who use's their SEQ in a similar capacity could comment.    Question one, whats the max output of analog info? 8 cv, trigger, and gate? Is more possible?    Question two, can the SEQ interpret incoming cv? For instance, can I clock the SEQ from a simple trig out of my modular?    Thanks much for the help! 
  3. sammichSID strange screen behavior, ideas?

    The power supply is the recommended jameco, and it powers my buddies sammichSID without problems. Checking the volts with the ICs in is a good idea!
  4. Hey all! I just finished my sammichSID kit. It passed all the voltage checks, so I put the IC's in and powered it up. The screen only turns a very light shade of green, and doesn't change with either of the trim pots. Strangest thing I noticed, is the female ac port on the main board seems to be faulty. If I jiggle the male end of the AC adaptor, the screen lights up a bit, and then goes dark, unless I hold the adaptor at the correct angle. I tried de-soldering and re-soldering the connector, but I still have the same issue. I did manage to get the firmware loaded successfully via MIOS. My next troubleshooting step is to try swapping my monitor board with my friends working sammichSID, and see if I get the same result. Any help is much appreciated!
  5. Turns out I just had some cold joints on the LCD header.
  6. Alright! We've got sound! I accidentally swapped the B337 transistor and the 78L05 regulator. I replaced both with new components. Now the screen is blocking out half the time I turn it on, and then when it works, it tends to freeze the screen without affecting the sound output. Any ideas? I doubled checked all the joints on the headers, and they look good. I also did continuity and voltage checks on the main board, which all turned out ok. Thanks for the help!
  7. After looking at the pictures I noticed how much flux/resin there was around the joints. I cleaned it up, and did another audio test. It makes the with midi noise very very quietly now. Without midi the same sound as what I uploaded.
  8. Ah, I forgot to mention that I hit a couple so-so looking joints with a bit more solder. Now it doesn't make any sound when plugged in and triggered. :sad:
  9. I checked all the joints through a loupe, and they seemed to look okay. Here's pics of the yacs and opamps. Follow the link :thumbsup: Thanks so much for the help nILS!
  10. Hey all! Just finished putting together my wonderful kit from Wilba. Unfortunately the audio output is very low in volume and distorted. I made sure my audio jacks are properly soldered. Other then that, I'm not sure how to approach troubleshooting. I've recorded a couple examples of the audio output to hopefully help the midibox sleuths. The first audio sample is what is sounds like with midi input, the second is what it sounds like without any midi input. Ideas??? Thanks in advance!!! sammichFM_trouble1.mp3 sammichFM_trouble2.mp3
  11. SID-chips for sale

    I only need 1 6581 to be specific.
  12. SID-chips for sale

    I can pay 115 NOK for the 6581 R4AR shipped to Portland OR USA. Thanks!