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  1. KongaTrigga

    Konga Trigga: i am on the PCB-Design right now... not finished, just at the start, but this is the UI-Arrangment i think (10x10cm PCB) has 3 Trigger-Mic Inputs (which are 0,5€ Elektret Capsulas), each for one Konga Drum. The 3 Pots are the preamp-Gain, they have to set only once... Konga Trigger then preamps the signal > the signal gets buffered mix - down to a Audio Sum - which can be use a other way (recording, efx...) how ever this is untested - and not part of the deal now... the preamped Signal then get rectified, and filtered, and go into a Schmitt Trigger, which transfair it to a 0 or 1 Logic Level > this goes into the Microprocessor: ---since dipcore has only 2 AIN > i decidet to mix down all 3 MIC and feed it into 1 AIN... maybe its not accurate Velocity then --- it has to be tested in real world, like many other functions in this shematic....   in the microprocessor (dipcore) - software functionalitys: step-sequencer (chooseable tacts 3/4 4/4 5/4 6/4 7/4 8/4...) whith just a few steps - lets say 16steps which one of the the triggers now Count the Step-Sequencer, and which one just retriggers the Sequencers Notes - is set in the Menu for this song (saved on SD) The Step Sequencer is a 2 Channel - bass and poly. they are counted equal, but we can decide which of the triggers trigger Poly or Mono Midichannel out.   a connected Keyboard on Midi-In1 is input for the Step-Record, - on the Menu i cand activate it as "REC-only" or "REC-&-Trigger" - so it just sets the Notes, or it also Triggers the Notes to Output to Midiout... There are differnt Modes for the 6 Buttons: one of it is the Perform Mode > where we can shift the Sequencer arround, have record buttons and so on.... The LCD is primary for the Routing-Setup, and a displays for different Modes - for example, it shown in Big Letters the Actual Step of Sequence     this is just a start -   (and NO its not the last 10x10cm Format Project ;) --- a Multiband-Distortion is also Planned - and then its enogh for a while)  
  2. do you have some usefull input about: how to get a drum trigger from a bongo drum (best would be velocity sensible) - with midibox?   i thougt about microphones... but when it comes to electronic amplified music, it could make fail-triggers... then i thougt about to mount the microphones in the resonance body of the drum... but there mainly is the bass sound of the signal, while hi tones (outer ring or low velocity playing) are almost not hearable there... but what to do with the mic-signal... ok first make it simply take only 0-xV instead of -0+Volts..., amplifie it to a range from 0-3,3V (stm32F4) a amp with built in Clipping? connect to the 8 ain inputs onboard write a program.   or is there any Bongo-Trigger-Crapper out there that could get connected directly to the Skin? i dont know much of this, but i want to jam with an bongo player  
  3. basic-principle.JPG

    From the album Bongo Triggers

  4. TekkStar formerly "Tama Techstar 306" once in the 80ś this was a brainless Drumexpander for Electronic Drum Kits... 30years later it gets a brain, no sequencing @ all, but note processing, and with note processing you can do a lot by doing less... wile a korg electribe rythm is sequencing, you can takt that and Kill, invert, roll, reroute, Offsets the notes and make trigger out of it... this drumexpander is velocity sensitive that meens, i could use a AOUT Board for this.... BUT i think that is a little bit overkill --- i decidet to take a DINX4, change the Resistors and make a 4Stage Veloctiy Trigger. I know that is enough because, i have already programmed a groovebox in max msp, that uses 3 Velocitys (3 Colours in the button matrix) - so 4 of it- enough... A AOUT board is still a plan - but not for trigger, - more for a VCA and VCF @ the Master > from my livesetup with other drumachines, i saw that it is very "doing less sounding much" if you can change the Release time of the Master --- by trigger a VCA (the trigger is selectable)... and VCF -without words! As you see this Case holds: 4 Analog Tom - Board 1 Analog Synth -Board 1 Analog Clap -Board -a Mixboard, which i dont use anymore, i need place for 2xDoutX4 and a DinX4! From Behind, already installed: The Core, and a modified DOUTX4 Board, A Core-Powerswitch (to reboot), and a PowerConnect where before was a Cable. Finding the best Resistor Values for the DoutX4 Board, by using 5K Trimpots As you see I used 4 Off it, so one Trigger has 4 Velocity-Stages. After finding the correct Values, and then testing fixed resistors in the near of the Pot Values (by ear), its time to solder a bit... well 2h 40min Later found a place for it, and wired the trigger outputs to the Drumvoices The 7th Board - the "Mix Board" a useless device that do not very much, ok, it makes headphone output a symmetric audio and so on, but how cares, I NEED PLACE for the UI and for the Midibox Boards (DOUTX4 DINX4 and so on), but bevore I had to solder a Adapter, because the Connecter pins are swapping on this board before it goes to the powersupply The Powersupply, supply me with +6VDC, and the coolest: -15 +15VDC!!!! yes I have planes... but The CORE wants 5V, so find a place for a 7805 found it! The core fits well behind the Trafo, but the Powercord sucks! Away with that ugly grey chord - a real Power Connector a "Kaltgerätebuchse" - hell yeah! But hey Core should be shieldet against the trafo, i searched my metal cases, and i found a very soft flexible Metall which is great for such ferromagnetic shielding stuff... Programming and testing Functions on Prototype Connector Boards "PressFitPCB" Because the TOM4 Board was Broken "Haarriss" the PCB-was broken, i had to solder something by the way i made my own first mods for this (by looking @ the shematic, which is very good to understand)
  5. TekkStar Make 001 Case Logo

    From the album TekkStar (Tama Techstar Midification)

    The Project starts with an "Tama Techstar 306" The Project is called TekkStar, because this is what i use it for --- Analog Tekkno. A Fully Analog Drum-Expander out of the 80Å› Has Trigger Inputs, and Pad-Inputs - which are Velocity Sensitive. I decidet to take the Pad-Inputs and trigger it with differnt Voltages = Velocitys The Velocity has 4 Stages - 4 Differnt Resisotors on 4 DOUT-Pins... but later more...
  6. Hi all! I want to make a button which sends a NRPN event. The value of this event should, however be set with another encoder. Because using ngr scripts was a good choice in the past, i tried this:     EVENT_ENC id=116 hw_id= 14 type=Meta meta=runsection:206 range=map1 no_dump=1 enc_mode=Absolute label="^std_enc" EVENT_BUTTON id=123 hw_id=123 type=NRPN nrpn= 45 nrpn_format=MsbOnly no_dump=1 button_mode=OnOnly label="^std_btn" if ^section == 206     set Button:123 ^value endif But somehow it does not work like suspected.   1) Turning the encoder also triggers the button event but it was intended that it set the button's value only. Maybe i misunderstood the SET and TRIGGER commands?   2) Although MiosStudio reports ("show id button:123") a correct value after turning the encoder, the button always sends value 127 and not the value of the encoder.   Thanks for any advice! Best reragds Marxon
  7. SEQ's max CV I/O capability?

    Heyo! After lots of thinking, I've decided to build a SEQ to become the navigation system for my spaceship. I've become hopelessly addicted to modular, and am curious if someone who use's their SEQ in a similar capacity could comment.    Question one, whats the max output of analog info? 8 cv, trigger, and gate? Is more possible?    Question two, can the SEQ interpret incoming cv? For instance, can I clock the SEQ from a simple trig out of my modular?    Thanks much for the help! 
  8. MB808 - i havent Trigger output

    I have some questions about the trigger section in the MB808   i have keep the original configuration in the the asm files with the MIDI output port value = 1 like this When i try to check the DOUT with oscilloscope i don't see anny voltage . IT is normal or i need to do something ?