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  1. Step Sequencer on my DIY Synth

    This is the step sequencer in my DIY Synth "Degenerator". Website in english: Website in german: Greetings from germany. Rolf
  2. Preset Menu in my DIY Synth

    DIY Synth Project english: german:
  3. PCB from my DIY Synth "WAVE 1"

    My Synthesizer Project: englich: german:
  4. LOOP function in my DIY Synth

    This is a LOOP function in my DIY Synth
  5. Wavesounds from my DIY-Synth "WAVE 1"

    This is Wavesounds from my DIY-Synth "WAVE 1". Its not from PPG Wave2.2. I love the 8.Bit retro sounds. My Synth Project:
  6. My DIY develope pics

    My biggest DIY Synth project:

    © Rolf Degen

  7. Stereo Multi Filter for my DIY-Synth "WAVE 1"

    My Project Site: