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  1. Hello, I am searching for someone in Germany to build a MIDIbox SEQ 4+ for me based on the DIY Kits and the case from Midiphy. As I have almost no experience in soldering or building these kind of DIY projects I am looking for someone with experience. Although I have learned that there are things in life that should be done by professionals. :-) Any recommendations or answers are highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hallo zusammen, ich suche jemanden aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum mit Erfahrung und dem nötigen technischen Sachverstand, der bereit wäre mir gegen Bezahlung einen MIDIbox v4+ Sequencer auf Basis der DIY Kits und dem Case von Midiphy zu bauen. Ich selbst habe leider nur unzureichende Erfahrung was bspw. den fachgerechten Umgang mit Elektrobauteilen oder das Löten angeht. Darüber hinaus habe ich gelernt, dass es Dinge gibt, die man den Profis überlassen sollte. Ich hoffe auf Eure Rückmeldung.
  3. Ok, the good news is: a friend was prepared to build me a seqv4 midibox now i am trying to make my set up in cubase5 and was hoping for a manual of how to do that cubase is seeing Midibox seqv4 by usb but now i am stranded   i think its in the Project synchronization setup where i have to set up things   Can anybody point me to some link, some manual how to set up my new box?   help is really appreciated