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  1. SeqV4L-Side

    From the album SEQV4L

  2. SeqV4L-Back

    From the album SEQV4L

  3. SeqV4L top view

    From the album SEQV4L

  4. only synth, no drums... a seqV4L drives one Synthpart of ROLAND JP8080... maybe it was my last play with it, need money - have to sell it, ...after fideling with it i am not sure of selling it ...that holy 90ties dark trance coming out of it with ease   phat!
  5. hey all i'm trey from the uk and i'm toatly blind i'm interested in the midibox seqv4l but i want to know if it is possible to add the following controls to make it easier to use for me.  fi want to add latching switches for each of the 16 steps so i can feel my way around my pattens i would also like to add big knobs that click when you turn them (i don't know the technical term) for selecting the modes chiewsing the track and channel and moving around the bars in the pattens is this possible?  i found  a person in the uk who can build me a midibox would it be ok if he came on here to ask for help and advice?  also is there any on here who is an expert in aluminium or steal cases or aloominim cases?  your help with these questions would be most welcome kind regards trey.