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  1. Lately I've been trying to use the extra functions of the CV-Gate out, specifically the possibility to send velocity with key values. From the manual: When I use AOUT - channel 9 I get key and velocity from the first two CV's out, as expected. But only gate #1 is triggering. When I switch to AOUT - channel 10, I get key and velocity from the second pair of CV's out: 3 and 4. And gate #2 is firing. What I expect is when I use AOUT - channel 9, is to get CV's from 1 and 2, and gates on #1 and #2. This is consistent through the whole range of outputs. All the other functions work exactly as expected, the drum gates and the clocks nothing wrong. I found this advise: And I've scanned through the entire config, but pretty much everything is standard. I use the Wilba Front panel with the AOUT-NG with the DOUT. Here is my HW-V4: https://pastebin.com/M9aXWjEx Am I making a mistake assiging SR's? Or is it something else I'm missing?   Thanks!    
  2. Aout_ng last CV value - reset to 0V

    Yes, a lot of modern modules have an attenuverter or attenuators on any CV in. But not all! :) Some modules use the potentiometer of the corresponding parameter as an offset for the incoming CV. Like a lot of Doepfers, or in my specific use case the Basimilus Iteritas Alter. Besides the hardware options, I've also thought of another possible workaround. I think I can try to put a 0V note on the last step of the pattern and sync the mutes to the clock so it's always triggered before a mute. Pulling out a cable is indeed a viable option, but my use case for live performances leaves me a bit uneased. I'll throw in a switched multiple, that's a little more hands on. See how that works. Is there also perhaps a more 'firmware' oriented option to make CV-outs default to 0V?
  3. I've encountered some behavior with the CV out of which I'm not certain if it's meant to be like that or not. Whenever I mute a channel outputting voltages on a CV output, the voltage stays on the last outputted voltage. When pitching a VCO this is not a big of a deal, because the gate is also muted, and so I can not  hear the pitch. But if I use the CV outputs to drive other parameters (I use the CV out like an envelope of sorts) the outputs stays high. This is of course of influence on parameters that I'm driving. Some modules use the potentiometer as an offset for incoming voltage on their respective CV in. But with a voltage on the input I can not turn the control fully down. Am I missing a setting regarding CV outs, or is there a workaround to this behavior? Or is there something wrong with my setup? I would like to have a default voltage of 0V whenever a track is muted. Is this possible? Any pointers appreciated!
  4. SEQ v4 CS PCB clone

    I'm glad I found this topic. Perhaps it helps a little to share with you the experience from a midibox newbie. I think most of you guys are well known with the situations and matter surrounding this project, and thus perhaps unaware of how this looks for the outside world. mM midibox was second hand, so I had a head start and did not have to resource the basic parts in an early stage. Would I've had to, Im not sure I would have a functioníng midibox now. For an outsider it can be pretty unclear what the mission of the project is. Is it to attract as much people as possible to contribute? Or is it to keep as intimate as possible? The fact that some of the information is extremely easy to find, while other stuff is nowhere to be seen plays a big role in this. With the lack of availability of hardware on number one. I only now understand (I think!) that the SmashTV plays a big role in this. This info would have helped a lot. There are several people around me, after seeing my midibox, that would like to start tomorrow with their own version. But the mixed information (as we experience it) takes them off. How can they obtain the necessary parts? Or even schematics? Is it something that will grow, with an open community, or is it more of a solo experience you do just for yourself? I appreciate the midibox-project very much. It's the best piece of equipment I have, for so many reasons. I have no idea what is right or wrong in this situation, just sharing my experience :)    
  5. MBseq4 CV out (ng) env or lfo possible?

    I must say, in all these years I've never been so pleased with a machine. This is way to easy, thanks! I can imagine there is no such thing as envelopes within the seq, am I right? This is obviously no midi event on its own. But if I'm not mistaken, one should be able to recreate an envelope using the same CC-track. That is, if the values can glide. Sorry that I missed such an obvious thing from the manual, but it's been a while since I've been there. There is just too much.
  6. Hi all, To make a long story short: I bought my mbseq second hand from someone who had it build for him. It was a basic version, with the wilba frontpanel. Fast forward a little over a year, and her I find myself soldering and designing. The mbseq turned out to be a gateway drug in the diy world of synthesis and electronic music. Thanks for that! :) Consider me a newb. But I've run into uncertainty on how to continue. I added the aout-ng module and the d-out module to my seq. They work as aspected, steady and all. i've even designed my own breakoutinterfaces to make it fit in the eurorack format with corresponding LED's to show the activity. It rocks. What I would like to know is, if it is possible to send only LFO's, or even envelopes over the CV outs? Doesn't matter if it costs me a track. I would like to use the tracks as more than pitch/note-converters and also send velocity or envelopes (AD, or ADSR) I've found the midi-CV project which states the sending of an env. or two LFO's. But I'm not sure how this translates to the seq. Running the latest firmware.   Looking forward, and thanks!