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custom keyboard/controller to control arturia's jupiter 8v vsti?


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This might be completely crazy idea, but in an ideal world I would love to have a custom midi keyboard/controller that looks like the Roland Jupiter 8 synth (just in terms of the layout), and which controls the soft synth by Arturia - the Jupiter 8V.



I presume a project like this would be extremely expensive but is it feasible? Does anyone know anyone that would consider giving me a quote for this?

It's mostly sliders.. most of the buttons aren't assingable in the vst - less than half.


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thanks for your responses :)

i got a quote for the parts but i think it'll be too expensive.. as i also need to put the whole thing together and i have no experience in anything like this.. (though I guess it coule be a great challenge!)

if anyone has some tips on building a box myself and somehow putting all the components together then give me a shout!


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For help on putting everything together, http://www.ucapps.de and http://wiki.midibox.org are great resources.

When it comes to boxes/enclosures, unless you have access to CNC equipment, this can be the most expensive part of the build :(

As I have found out, cutting slots in aluminium for mounting sliders by hand is very very difficult. For one of my projects, what I have done is found an existing (faulty) commercial unit with the necessary number of sliders etc and 'bastardised' it :)



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