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It must be spring!


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Hi Nils,

That's a nice chunky rhythm guitar sound. Is the lead solo played on a synth? Which part(s) did you play?

Indeed it feels very up-beat. That has picked me up on a late Autumn evening, while working at my computer.


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Hey, nice job putting that together.

I thought the drumming felt pretty natural. Do you use MIDI drum pad triggers, ala eDrum?

eDrum is definitely on my to-build list.

edit - What do you think of the XP-30? Does it still compare favourably as a workhorse synth these days? i guess that would be your main control keyboard, yeah? Do you have some expansion ROMs for it?

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Until I get the eDrum off the queue I am playing the drums on the keyboard. Left hand does the hihat and cymbals, right hand does bass drum and snare.

The XP-30 is working nicely for me. Does all I need it to and lots more :-)

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