bored so made a midibox lc

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while im sat waiting to get on with my bpm i was looking at the spares on my desk and thought, why not build a midibox lc, so i did.

yesterday i pulled everything together and took a few measurements and got on with it, did the front pansl in a few mins in solidworks and then did a 1:1 print onto some adhesive backed a4 paper. once this was printed i peeled some of the backing off and stuck it to my plasticard, matte black which still had its protective plastic covering on, leaving it on would make pulling the paper off easier when finished.

so i spent a good 20 min drilling and cutting and filing to get this.


even the fader fitted!


i put the lcd screen on as a check and it fits so today i will get on with the 9mm encoders and the rest of the buttons and lights and then hook it up.

i think this is going to be the quickest build i have had so far! i even have some nice wood for the box ;)

more to follow today and hopefully running later on.

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That's awesome! Especially considering it's "made from bits I had lying around". What size LCD is that?

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