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I have taken a look at the wiki and seen what i need to buy in order to get a working midibox - but when i go to to get parts, they have different names, than the one on the wiki (core8 etc).

What do i need to buy if i want to do this:

a midi controller with 6 switchpots (6 steps each), and 22 pots -normal ones, not encoders. and 11-20 switches with 2 steps/settings (basic on/off).

It only has to have midi out. i have no use for an LCD - basically this is for controlling the creamware minimax synth (located on my computer/dsp cards) - its a minimoog clone.

So what do i need specifically?

thanks alot!

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the core8 means it's the PIC18F... based 8bit core, versus the STM32 (the newer one), so that would be the same as on the CORE_V3 pcb.

if you build a midibox 64 or 64E you'll need a PIC 18F452 for the core.

i'm not sure what you're referring to when you say switchpots.

normally you need the AIN (analog in) module to read values from analog potentiometers (a few can also be hooked directly to the core module)

and the DIN (digital in) module for operating (digital) tactile switches (momentary on) and/or encoders.

the number of modules depends on the number of switches.

everything's described in detail on in the MBHP section.

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and by the way: switchpots. I mean a 6 way switch - think waveform selector on a minimoog:)

Ok. So i think i'll go with the core_v3 with PIC 18F452 and 1xain, 1xdin..

So this will do?


and will i need an lcd for troubleshooting or anything else? I dont need it for controlling the synth..

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You might want to look into getting a 2x16 LCD for debugging and display purposes while developing. Suppose for instance that you may want to store a few presets of what the controllers do, MIDI channel setup for your controller etc. It's only a few euro/dollars/pounds.

Your "switchpots" are rotary switches. Look at getting some Lorlin CK-series rotary switches (1pin per pos), or get some Grayhill mechanical encoders like the 25LB22 (16pos) if you rather need an easy (few pins) binary interface. The Lorlins are usually 12-pos, but you can set the number of stops yourself to suit.


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