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Hi All

Out of all the MIDI projects presented here, which project should I select to modify the code so that I can produce a CV to midi converter. That is, if I play notes on a vintage keyboard (using a resistor divided network).a voltage is produced & is then fed into an A/D converter. By further processing, the result I expect is MIDI data equivalent to the notes played on the keyboard with Note ON, Note off, etc....

Can anybody shed some light to this subject!

Thank You


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the best would be to connect four DINx4 directly to key's contacts and remove the resistors ; why ? for polyphony !

then use ain64_dout128_din128 default app


// This function is called by MIOS when an button has been toggled

// pin_value is 1 when button released, and 0 when button pressed


void DIN_NotifyToggle(unsigned char pin, unsigned char pin_value) __wparam


  // a button has been pressed, send Note at channel 1


  MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(0x90); // Note at channel 1

  MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(pin + [size="4"]OCTAVE[/size]);  // pin number corresponds to note number

  MIOS_MIDI_TxBufferPut(pin_value ? 0x00 : 0x7f); // buttons are high-active


  // notify display handler in DISPLAY_Tick() that DIN value has changed

  last_din_pin = pin;

  app_flags.DISPLAY_UPDATE_REQ = 1;


where OCTAVE is the transpose trick on a smaller than 128 keyboard

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Hi Guys,

Great, there are certainly good suggestions. I can't wait to start tinkering around with your ideas and eventually implement something that justify my needs.

Thanks again to you all!!


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