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Alternative USB MIDI Driver for WINDOWS 7 64bit

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Just wanted to report how I solved the problem that my Win7 64itb PC suddenly did no longer recognize my MIDIbox SEQ (stm32) propperly:

When connecting my SEQ via USB for SW upload my PC displayed in the device manager that the device is not working propperly (error code 10)

And as a result I could no longer select my box in MIOS Studio.

All de and reinstallisation and change of the USB ports had no succes.

What did the Job for me was the following:

1. I downloaded this driver from KORG:

PC: KorgUSB-MIDI_DRV_PC_1_13r6.zip (2.2MB)


2. I installed the package (to have access to the files)

3. Then i started the device manager and manually changed the driver for my midibox by choosing the "KORGUM64.INF" file from the Installation folder of the

Korg package as driver file and then choosing "KORG MIDI Device" as device

4. Then i started MIOS studio which now displayed ports a,b,c,d where i chose a for midi in and out

5. :twitch: now it works again and even the query function can now be called unlimited times without getting stuck

Which had to be solved by typing "help" in the command line severeal times to get the core to respond again when using the generic windows driver

I have no clue if this Fix works only specific for my PC but this might be a hint for others with similar problems.

Best regards


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These are really great news!

Once more people have confirmed that this solution is working, I will document this at the MIOS Studio page. :)

Btw.: which bootloader version are you currently using - was the "error code 10" also reported by older versions, or is this a new issue?

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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Btw.: which bootloader version are you currently using - was the "error code 10" also reported by older versions, or is this a new issue?

the problem occured the first time with mios32_bootloader_v1_005 but I installed midibox_seq_v4_047 successfull with it. But that was in one run after insatlling the new bootloader without

disconnecting my box or shutting down MIOS_Studio_2_2_2.

I noticed the problem when I wanted to update to mios32_bootloader_v1_006 and midibox_seq_v4_048

which I now run after upload via MIDI but the ERROR 10 Problem remained also with this version.

Only the KORG driver helped, i hope it is not just temporal.

Best Regards


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I will try to reproduce this soon by installing different bootloader versions.

With v1.005 I had to change the descriptors for MacOS Lion, before this change it was slightly invalid (but allowed to use a COM driver in parallel), now it should be fully compliant... strange.

I hope that this hasn't made it incompatible to Win7 (on the other hand: it works on my Win7 business laptop)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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I was able to reproduce the "error 10" issue after a lot of trials - the error simply happens if the USB device name hasn't been customized, Win7 doesn't like empty names...

Since USB device name changes are permanent and won't be overwritten by bootloader updates, this issue was really hard to find ;)

I also checked the SysEx issue with some new debugging methods, but without success: it's clearly a legacy driver issue.

E.g. when I'm using MIDI-Ox and sending some MIDI events to trigger SysEx messages.

The SysEx streams sent by the Core (regardless if STM32 or LPC17) get stucked after ca. 256 bytes, and they will be passed again (permanently) after the core has sent 256 additional bytes to the host.

Since this issue can be reproduced with different USB driver implementations (STM32/LPC17) and different MIOS32 based buffer sizes, and since it can be reproduced outside MIOS Studio, it's very likely an issue in the Microsoft driver.

Thanks again Gridracer for this great hint about the Korg driver.

I made this topic sticky, and the workaround will be documented on my homepage soon!

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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