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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    WOW!  Support @ Lightspeed !!!  Also here, everything looking good. Thank you very much!
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi there, I just updated to v4_095_pre13 and unfortunately I am very unhappy  with the new mute page behaviour. o New workflow for MUTE page: Whenever a track or parameter layer is unmuted, it will be automatically selected The automated activation of the unmuted track messes up my workflow: (Automated layer selection is OK) I often noodle on my keyboard in addition to a running track, or I get lost in heavy editing of a track while I jam. Parallel I mute and unmute tracks -> Now after unmuting I have to reselect the track I have been playing around with. Feasible but not very handy. If it would be possible to deactivate the automated track selection by a config parameter or in the options page that would be great. I would be very thankful. Best Regards.
  3. Wilma LED problem

    Hi Karg, i assume that you uploaded the right firmware .hex file with mios studio AND copied the right config .v4 file to the sd card. If all of your buttons work right this should be the case. But you wrote that you did not solder in all leds yet, and i think this is the problem. Im not 100% shure but on a multiplexed circuit, leaving out one led will affect all the others in line ont the pcb track and will so create some strange effects on your panel. Perhaps somone can confirm this. Much luck gridracer 
  4. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi Thorsten, here my latest v4_091_pre7 config File, Best Regards, Oliver MBSEQ_HW.V4
  5. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    HI TK, i just updated to seq_v4_091_pre7 coming form seq_v4_091_pre4 On pre7 the TRACK 1 led is no longer working, it is just bareley noticeable blinking. Downgrading to pre4 makes everything OK again. Running pre7 with pre4 config also shows the failure. Here my assignment for Track 1 LED #           SR  Pin LED_TRACK1   1   0
  6. Can;t stop smiling since I finished my box last weekend :D First of all, thank's a million, million times to all midibox members for developing and SHARING this incredible piece of gear, very special thanks to TK of course! Since I got my first MIDI gear in 1995 I always dreamed of "the ultimate hardware sequencer" Over the years boxes have come and gone and I spend sometimes more or sometimes less time in my studio. I was pretty happy with my RS7000 but always had an eye on other SEQ's. I had the Manikin Schrittmacher and the Genoqs Nemo on my wanna try list, and I had on the very back of my mind that there was a site about a remarkable DIY SEQ on the net. As I work in the automotive industry it became that since the end of 2008 I have more time to spend for my hobby then the years before due to shortend working times. :( ??? :) So the wish for THE sequencer became stronger than ever before and I was close to get a nemo. BUT... then i recalled this DIY SEQ found it on the web again, started reading, reading, reading and things developed.........,12903.0.html so since last weekend I have a grin on my face and this BOX on my desk: INSIDE: MORE: Here some Info: My "want to have it all" frontpanel as well as the rearpanel is from Schaeffer The wooden box is made by a friend and carpenter out of ALDER wood which is oiled with FLAXOIL My singlecolour BLM is a slight variation of the duocolour version, I only added a darlington array as sinkdrivers. These are the buttons I use (more about them, read below): All modules came as kits from MIKE What i learned: -reading is the key, if I had read more for example I could have avoided building my own bankstick e.g. ;) I just overlooked that there is a PCB available, only no kit ...silly me. -Switching polarity on the MIDI sockets is easy.... but also easy to sort out, just compare by using an LED with some commercial gear. -Optocouplers are lousy little bastards! >:( I became just anothert victim.. mine passed all tests, but messed up SW upload! My bugy opto even works fine on the thru port of the IIC module as the signal gets amplified, but messes up the midi in -> note numbers and Velocity values get randomly changed! -The "melt isolation" wire i used on the matrix is tricky, it takes lots of heat to get a propper connection so there is the danger to overheat the components. I fried 5 buttons, 1LED, 1Diode and had lots of non conducting connections, whereas I had not a single problem on the PCBs. -The buttons I use seem to have problems with production tolerances, I guess I was lucky to have only 2 or 3 "sticky / rough" blue ones while I had to repalace almost half of the yellow ones due to the bad feel. If the buttons show up to be a cause of trouble I might disassemble them and use them as luxury cap system for tact swiches. -ALPS encoder STEC16B04 743420 unequal VOITI + SOUNDWELL encoder ? I got my encoders from and had to discover that they only decrease values when connected as described. I got mine to work by switching ground and highest din pin. -Watch the spec's of the displays, I had to use additional resistors and a different potentiometer e.g. Finally, I hope I can give at least a little of all that I recieved back: EDIT: fixed attachment tag
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Could it be possible that there is a little failure in the Step_digits shematic? I added the Step_digits to my box this week, everything works fine, but i had to swap the pinning dout -> 7 segment digits by 180° I use Kingbright sc39 common cathode 7 segment digits and 4x Dout boards from mikes shop. I checked the wiring twice, by driving the digits segment after segment with an external powersuppyl from my 8 pin dout connector. Everything is connected as described in the shematic, but it only works right when i turn the connector 180° No Issue as everything works great now: But may be someone will run into the same problem. Best Regards, Gridracer    
  8. MIDIbox of the Week (MIDIbox SEQ of Gridracer)

    7 years have passed, time to post something new about my SEQ: Since the optional step digits were released, i wanted to have them  too. Finally this week I screwed my box apart and put  the frontpanel under the milling machine. Luckily everything worked well, as same as gluing in the display glas and soldering the protoboard panel for the digits. Only issue was that the pinout shematic Dout->Digits seemed to be wrong. Thanks again TK, and everybody involved for this icredible piece of gear. Best Regards, Gridracer
  9. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    You are a wise guy .... Thanks a lot again! Best Regards Gridracer
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    You are a wise guy .... Thanks a lot again! Best Regards Gridracer
  11. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Sorry to ask again for another Button +Led: I would be happy about a dedicted Move Button+Led.   I use this function very often to build and varify rythmic structures. I would assign it to the scrub buton on my cs that i do not use to enhance workflow Best Regards Gridracer
  12. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    WOW that was fast! Thank you very much TK. @mfk: the changes can be found in the Wilba config file, you can copy from there.
  13. Just wanted to report how I solved the problem that my Win7 64itb PC suddenly did no longer recognize my MIDIbox SEQ (stm32) propperly: When connecting my SEQ via USB for SW upload my PC displayed in the device manager that the device is not working propperly (error code 10) And as a result I could no longer select my box in MIOS Studio. All de and reinstallisation and change of the USB ports had no succes. What did the Job for me was the following: 1. I downloaded this driver from KORG: PC: (2.2MB) LINK 2. I installed the package (to have access to the files) 3. Then i started the device manager and manually changed the driver for my midibox by choosing the "KORGUM64.INF" file from the Installation folder of the Korg package as driver file and then choosing "KORG MIDI Device" as device 4. Then i started MIOS studio which now displayed ports a,b,c,d where i chose a for midi in and out 5. :twitch: now it works again and even the query function can now be called unlimited times without getting stuck Which had to be solved by typing "help" in the command line severeal times to get the core to respond again when using the generic windows driver I have no clue if this Fix works only specific for my PC but this might be a hint for others with similar problems. Best regards Gridracer
  14. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Request for a dedicated FX MENU button + led: Hi TK, it would be nice to have a dedicated FX MENU button + led in some future release if it colud be done fast and easily. Then i could make my V3 panel engravings to match the V4 display content again, by using the the new option to configure the Menu page in the config file. Thanks and best regards, Gridracer
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi there, I experienced something since version 88 about wich I am not sure if it is intended: When i press stop or pause while playing, the sequencer stops midi output but the chaselight on my 4x16BLM keeps running. Als o the paly button and pause or stop button are blinking. Pushing the play button while the sequencer is runnig does no longer cause a jump back to „1“   Best Regards, Gridracer
  16. Neubau Seq V4, Teilefragen

    Hi mfk,   warum tauscht du nicht nur einfach den Core, wenn dir die sonstige Hardware taugt? Hab damals meinen SEQ auch upgedated: (Display Kabel musst du neu machen, sonst war glaub ich alles kompatibel)   http://   Und wenn SEQ V4+ released wid werd ichs voraussichtlich wider tun :smile:   EDIT:   Es gib einen eigenen Abschnitt im Wiki bezüglich update V3 auf V4:   Grüße Gridracer
  17. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    :smile:  WOW I really really love the new step recording feature!!   For me it is perfect as it is implemented now :smile: : temporary GP-hold, permanent SELECT Also the midi learn for drum tracks makes live much easier!   Thank you very very much Thorsten!   But i once noticed a strange bug in V4_086_pre3 which I could no longer reproduce after repowereing the SEQ??? The live record function seemed to be messed up somehow: -The chaselight automatically erased already recorded steps when passing them -When entering the Record page all drum tracks hve been muted and unmuted when leaving record page This was reproducable as long i did not repower my machine, now everything seems to work fine... May be somebody else hase experieced something similar??   Best regards Gridracer
  18. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I am still amazed by the continiuos evolution of the SEQ V4 firmware!   Here is a suggestion from my side to make drum track configuration easier: (I nevere find the right note number for the right drum instrument.... on the first try) So why not holding down the GP12 Button (NOTE) in track configuration page and then press the propper keye on an external keyboard -> that note will be set for the currently selected drum instrument?   Best Regards   Gridracer
  19. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Record button to toggle?   A long time passed since my last request, but i still have my SEQ in regular use, and have lots n lots of fun with it :smile:   Not sure if it is worth to ask for, but I notice that the record button does not behave like I would expect it from most other equipment: Saying that pushing the button a second time should deactivate the record function (Just like the behavior of the all button)   If this is worth a change some time, would be nice, if not I would not mind.   Best Regards Gridracer
  20. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Oh I see, should have read the changelog.......  :whistle:       Yes, this would be absolute sufficient, I just "requested" this feature as i noticed the pitchbend missing in the Mixer while exploring it. I have no actual need for it but think it could be useful in some cases, tuning drums for example. Finally a qustion i guess i already kow the answer: I was trying to record the arpeggiator output of one track by using the realtime record on another track via Bus1. But i could not get it to work. I think to remember that this was discussed already some time ago and that it is not possible due to some technological limitations. Is this right? Or am i just missing something or doing something wrong to get it work?   (guess it should work by connecting a physical MIDI in and Out port via cable) Best Regards, "posting before reading" Gridracer
  21. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hello TK,   I have some issues with V77 regrding the behaviour of the ALL Button:   -The "absolute function" by holding the ALL Button depressed to "copy" the Parameter value of the currently turned encoder to all steps does no longer work -Relative changes (not holding the button depressed) do randomly apply only to some ore only the current step althogh all GP Leds are on (this is als an issue on V76)   I have set:   BUTTON_BEH_ALL          1 BUTTON_BEH_ALL_WITH_TRIGGERS 0   And here a proposal from my side: I think it would be handy to have a Pitchwheel default page on the Mixer Maps, preferable on page 9?   Just to mention: still having lots n lots of fun with my SEQ! :smile: Thank You very very much!   Gridracer
  22. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Link now referes to the following file...... not the one it should I guess :aww:   Best Regards   Gridracer
  23. SEQV4 with integrated 16x8 BLM

    Hi Dustdrive,   V4 does definitely support the 4x16 BLM, have it at my own SEQ. A hint might be to check your config file and the polarity of the LEDs and Diodes.   Best Regards
  24. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    HI, I agree performing a factory reset is also lots of fun... :-) Sorry, User failure :angel: everything working fine But I noticed a new BUG with Bootloader 1009 and Firmware V067: Record mode is no longer working, incoming notes from midi in are forwarded correctly but no longer recorded... Best Regards Gridracer
  25. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi there i noticed a bug (at least I guess it is a bug) in the "Track Event Configuration" page: I have a new and empty track (no steps are set, sequencer is playing) I change the value for a parameter layer from "note" to something else, when i scroll throug "pitchbend" "controller" and "program change" the corresponding events are send to midi out, which does some some unwanted changes to external gear under some circumstances. (The events are only send the first time when scrolled throgh the parameters) Here the record from midi Out: [50897.312] b0 01 40 Chn# 1 CC# 1 = 64 [50905.079] e0 00 40 Chn# 1 Pitchbend 0 [50944.773] c0 00 Chn# 1 Program Change 0 I think these events should only be send when the track is filled with the corresponding data. So that was my first remark, here the second: My mixer maps are displayed as "unnamed" did I just miss where to give them a name?? And my final Proposal: Wouldn't it be useful if one could also delete sessions or is this an unwanted feature and intensionally only possible via usb connection? Greetings Gridracer