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  1. WOW! Support @ Lightspeed !!! Also here, everything looking good. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi there, I just updated to v4_095_pre13 and unfortunately I am very unhappy with the new mute page behaviour. o New workflow for MUTE page: Whenever a track or parameter layer is unmuted, it will be automatically selected The automated activation of the unmuted track messes up my workflow: (Automated layer selection is OK) I often noodle on my keyboard in addition to a running track, or I get lost in heavy editing of a track while I jam. Parallel I mute and unmute tracks -> Now after unmuting I have to reselect the track I have been playing around with. Feasible but not very handy. If it would be possible to deactivate the automated track selection by a config parameter or in the options page that would be great. I would be very thankful. Best Regards.
  3. Hi Karg, i assume that you uploaded the right firmware .hex file with mios studio AND copied the right config .v4 file to the sd card. If all of your buttons work right this should be the case. But you wrote that you did not solder in all leds yet, and i think this is the problem. Im not 100% shure but on a multiplexed circuit, leaving out one led will affect all the others in line ont the pcb track and will so create some strange effects on your panel. Perhaps somone can confirm this. Much luck gridracer
  4. Hi Thorsten, here my latest v4_091_pre7 config File, Best Regards, Oliver MBSEQ_HW.V4
  5. HI TK, i just updated to seq_v4_091_pre7 coming form seq_v4_091_pre4 On pre7 the TRACK 1 led is no longer working, it is just bareley noticeable blinking. Downgrading to pre4 makes everything OK again. Running pre7 with pre4 config also shows the failure. Here my assignment for Track 1 LED # SR Pin LED_TRACK1 1 0
  6. Could it be possible that there is a little failure in the Step_digits shematic? http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_seq/mbseq_v4_bpm_digits.pdf I added the Step_digits to my box this week, everything works fine, but i had to swap the pinning dout -> 7 segment digits by 180° I use Kingbright sc39 common cathode 7 segment digits and 4x Dout boards from mikes shop. I checked the wiring twice, by driving the digits segment after segment with an external powersuppyl from my 8 pin dout connector. Everything is connected as described in the shematic, but it only works right when i turn the connector 180° No Issue as everything works great now: http://midibox.org/forums/topic/12238-midibox-of-the-week-midibox-seq-of-gridracer/#comment-110125 But may be someone will run into the same problem. Best Regards, Gridracer
  7. 7 years have passed, time to post something new about my SEQ: Since the optional step digits were released, i wanted to have them too. Finally this week I screwed my box apart and put the frontpanel under the milling machine. Luckily everything worked well, as same as gluing in the display glas and soldering the protoboard panel for the digits. Only issue was that the pinout shematic Dout->Digits seemed to be wrong. Thanks again TK, and everybody involved for this icredible piece of gear. Best Regards, Gridracer
  8. You are a wise guy .... Thanks a lot again! Best Regards Gridracer
  9. You are a wise guy .... Thanks a lot again! Best Regards Gridracer
  10. Sorry to ask again for another Button +Led: I would be happy about a dedicted Move Button+Led. I use this function very often to build and varify rythmic structures. I would assign it to the scrub buton on my cs that i do not use to enhance workflow Best Regards Gridracer
  11. WOW that was fast! Thank you very much TK. @mfk: the changes can be found in the Wilba config file, you can copy from there.
  12. Request for a dedicated FX MENU button + led: Hi TK, it would be nice to have a dedicated FX MENU button + led in some future release if it colud be done fast and easily. Then i could make my V3 panel engravings to match the V4 display content again, by using the the new option to configure the Menu page in the config file. Thanks and best regards, Gridracer
  13. Hi there, I experienced something since version 88 about wich I am not sure if it is intended: When i press stop or pause while playing, the sequencer stops midi output but the chaselight on my 4x16BLM keeps running. Als o the paly button and pause or stop button are blinking. Pushing the play button while the sequencer is runnig does no longer cause a jump back to „1“ Best Regards, Gridracer
  14. Hi mfk, warum tauscht du nicht nur einfach den Core, wenn dir die sonstige Hardware taugt? Hab damals meinen SEQ auch upgedated: (Display Kabel musst du neu machen, sonst war glaub ich alles kompatibel) http://http://midibox.org/forums/topic/12238-midibox-of-the-week-midibox-seq-of-gridracer/ Und wenn SEQ V4+ released wid werd ichs voraussichtlich wider tun :smile: EDIT: Es gib einen eigenen Abschnitt im Wiki bezüglich update V3 auf V4: http://ucapps.de/midibox_seq_manual_up.html Grüße Gridracer
  15. :smile: WOW I really really love the new step recording feature!! For me it is perfect as it is implemented now :smile: : temporary GP-hold, permanent SELECT Also the midi learn for drum tracks makes live much easier! Thank you very very much Thorsten! But i once noticed a strange bug in V4_086_pre3 which I could no longer reproduce after repowereing the SEQ??? The live record function seemed to be messed up somehow: -The chaselight automatically erased already recorded steps when passing them -When entering the Record page all drum tracks hve been muted and unmuted when leaving record page This was reproducable as long i did not repower my machine, now everything seems to work fine... May be somebody else hase experieced something similar?? Best regards Gridracer
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