Wiring a 4-way to a C14 inlet via a switch

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I'm building an organ console which will contain inside a couple of wall warts powering midibox and two LCD monitors. I'd like to make the whole thing self contained by having a single C14 inlet connected to an internally mounted 4 way block via a on/off switch. Fairly simple wiring but given the high voltage here I'd like to do it carefully and properly. Assuming that I am soldering the connections, what is the best approach to make sure all the soldered connections are well insulated? Should I use use heat sink tubing?



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I use heatshrink on all mains voltage connections (240Volt 50Hz). Just make sure it is rated to 300V and is thick enough not to split when shrunk.

Avoid leaving loose strands and sharp points to prevent damage to the heatshrink.

Most important, if you are unsure, ask someone who knows about high voltage work.


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